10 Most Important Landmark Events in India since Independence


Today we are celebrating 70th Independence Day of India. India as a nation has come a long way since independence from an impoverished nation status to one of the world’s fastest-growing economy. A dark side of India prevailed amid all the celebrations of post-independence in 1947.

When British government decided to leave the claim of Indian dominion, India almost had nothing to cheer about. When famine, unemployment and poor infrastructure looked enough to handle, then India faced the terrible fate of partition.


India which you see today is marching ahead on its way to become a developed nation. There must be several landmarks in India post-independence which must have decisively shaped India to a welfare country.

Now I am going to sum up 10 most important milestone events in India since Independence which moulded the destiny of India where it stands today.

1. 1st general elections in 1951

India took a democratic leap by conducting its 1st general election in 1951. Now, India is the world’s biggest democracy. India is a country of 1.3 billion people where more than 800 million people can cast a vote.

Important Landmark in India since Independence - inida's first election 1951Source: Caravan magazine

2. Hosting of 1st Asian games in 1951

It was a matter of pride for India to host the first ever Asian games in the year 1951 in New Delhi. It is worth to remember a quote from India’s first president of India.

Important Landmark in India since Independence - Asian Games 1951

Source: Wikipedia

3. Operation flood or white revolution in 1970

Operation flood or white revolution, launched in 1970, was the world’s biggest dairy development program. It transformed India from a milk deficient nation into the world’s largest milk producer.

Dr Kurien white revolution or operation flood

Source: Amul

4. Liberation of Bangladesh in 1971

India’s intentions in the liberation of Bangladesh were more of national interest rather than humanitarian. When West Pakistan started systematic slaughtering of Bengalis in East Pakistan, almost 10 million refugees took shelter in India. The influx of refugees in India prompted threats to India’s economic condition.

Important Landmark in India since Independence - bangladesh liberation 1971

Source: IndianExpress

Liberation of Bangladesh also gave India several geopolitical advantages. Pakistan’s defeat in the war not only weakened them as a country but also ceased their access to the Bay of Bengal, India’s eastern coastlines and maritime trade route to Southeast Asia.

5. India’s 1st Nuclear test in 1974

India conducted its first nuclear test, code named “Smiling Buddha”, in the year 1974. With this nuclear test, India stormed its place on the list of five nuclear-powered nations. India felt the profound need of nuclear power during 1971 war with Pakistan.

Important Landmark in India since Independence - India's first nuclear test

Source: NewIndianExpress

6. India became 14th country to send man into space in 1984

India sent its first astronaut Rakesh Sharma in space in 1984. Although it was a joint mission with the Soviet Union but it showed India’s plans to explore outer space.

Important Landmark in India since Independence - Rakesh Sharma becomes first Indian

Source: Indiatimes

7. Globalisation and Liberalisation of Indian economy in 1991

Globalisation was the landmark change in the Indian economy where India’s socialist image turned into an economist nation.  Indian economy opened the doors for free trade by foreign investors. It was also an end of labyrinthine bureaucracy prevalent in the Indian economic system.

Important Landmark in India since Independence - Economic Liberalization

Source: HindustanTimes

8. Indian army recaptured Tiger Hill in 1999

Nobody could ever forget the infamous battle of Kargil between Indian army and Pakistani forces who infiltrated inside India LOC. Tiger hill was of uttermost importance for India for various strategic reasons. One of the reason is that Tiger Hill is one of the highest peaks in that region overlooking NH 1D i.e. Srinagar-Leh highway.

Important Landmark in India since Independence - Kargil Win - Tiger Hill Recapture

Source: Indiatimes

Pakistani forces were further inside in the Kargil region. Tiger Hill is one of the highest points, quickly provided a way out to India for keeping an eye on other peaks and area.

9. India gets NavIC aka personal GPS system in 2016

In the year 2016, ISRO launched the final satellite to complete the constellation of seven satellites. This will enable India to have its own indigenous navigation satellite system with an operational name NaVIC. NaVIC will be fully operational by early 2018.


India own navigational satellite system IRNSS NaVIC

Source: ISRO

10. Demonetisation in 2016

In the year 2016, the government of India announced the demonetization of all Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1000/- bank notes. The government claimed that the action would curb black money and terror funding.

Important Landmark in India since Independence - demonetisation

Source: Outlook

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