iOS 14 Beta – Experience (UI), Messages, CarPlay & More

Apple finally announces iOS 14 beta version on June 22, 2020, during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The new iOS 14 version brought a fresh look to the things you do and made simple and easy to run applications on apple devices. The new features in the iOS 14 help you to get the maximum of your apple devices. Also, the iOS apps that you have used before become more intelligent, personal, and even more private.

Experience (User Interface)

You can now do a lot more things on your iPhone than ever before. iOS 14 changes the whole dimension of user experience where the most iconic parts become more helpful and personal.


Home Screen widgets

In the latest iOS 14, widgets are redesigned and shaped to give you more information at a glance. You can easily add the widgets to your Home Screen and place wherever you like. Resizing the widgets looks more attractive than what we have seen in the previous versions of iOS.

You can also add Smart Stack of widgets, which will be intelligently curated based on the apps you use the most, and the right widget will show up at the right time.

ios 14 wwdc 2020-new widgets feature2
image credit-Apple

App Library

The App Library is the latest feature provided by Apple. It automatically organizes your apps into a folder that is easy to navigate. For example, all your social networking applications would be kept in a separate folder.

Apps are sorted category wise and you can easily reach the most used apps in the recent folder. You must have done manually all these things before on your iPhone or any apple devices.

ios 14 wwdc 2020-applibrary
image credit-Apple

Compact calls

The whole incoming call interface changed from full screen to the compact design which appears like notification. Whether you get a call on your iPhone, or FaceTime or any third-party applications, you can carry on with your work uninterrupted. In a way, you can choose to ignore the call and finish your job efficiently.

ios 14 wwdc 2020-compact calls
image credit-Apple

The call notification pops at the top of the screen where you can quickly answer or ignore the call.

Picture in Picture

Picture in picture function is another new update that is included in iOS 14. It allows you to keep watching videos or continue FaceTime calls while using other iOS apps. For example, if you receive a message while watching a TV show or your favorite Youtube video, you can reply to the message without pausing or stopping the ongoing show.

ios 14 wwdc2020-picinpic
Image Credit – Apple


The messaging app is updated and made feature-rich with some of the latest improvements. In iOS 14, you get the new ways to stay connected to the conversations that matter to you the most. iOS 14 also provides a way to keep a track of group conversations and express yourself in whichever manner that you may like.

Pinned conversations

To see the messages first as they come in, you get the pin conversation facility. You can pin upto nine persons at the top of your list to get their messages quickly. You can give your group conversation an identity by adding a Memoji, or by choosing an emoji.


iOS 14 added a new feature called “mentions” to group chats. In this feature, you can target a specific person in a group and send a direct message. You will even get alerts from the mentioned person in the group even if the group notifications are on mute. The mentioned person name will highlight.

Inline replies

With inline replies, you can directly reply to a specific message in a group chat. You can also view replies in the full conversation or see a particular thread for a more focused view.

ios 14 wwdc 2020-inline replies
image credit-Apple

New Memoji and stickers

If you want to have one particular person type memoji at the top of your messaging app, then iOS 14 allows you to choose from over 20 new hair and headwear styles to reflect your hobby, passion, and profession along with new-age options and face coverings.

ios 14 wwdc 2020-memoji
image credit-Apple


In iOS 14, native maps application has become easier than ever before to discover new places. In fact, now iOS 14 maps provides environment-friendly ways to get to any particular location.

Cycling directions

Maps are improved tremendously in terms of cycling directions. Now cyclists can get directions using bike lanes, paths, and roads. Maps will also indicate the steeps, busy streets, stairs, and elevation when you plan for a cycle ride.

ios 14 wwdc 2020-cyclists
image credit-Apple

These cycling features are not available anywhere else except in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and some cities in China. I really hope that this feature comes to live in other parts of the world.

Electric vehicle routing

If you own an electric vehicle, then the iOS 14 maps can automatically track your vehicle charge to indicate the charging stops on your journey. Maps will intelligently know the type of charger that works on your electric car, giving full surety to the route showing compatible charging stations.

ios 14 wwdc 2020-electric charge station
image credit-Apple


Traveling to an unknown place makes it challenging to search for a restaurant, a particular shop, and also to find a nearby hotel for stay purposes. iOS 14 maps now offer Guides feature where the maps will guide you to some of the great places to eat, shop, and explore. You can save any particular Guides. It will be automatically updated whenever any new area gets added so that you get the latest recommendations.

ios 14 wwdc 2020-guides
image credit-Apple

Car Keys and CarPlay

CarPlay has played an essential role in maintaining the relationship between your iPhone and your car. And this relationship gets even more potent with the ability to unlock and start your car with the iPhone.

By mistake, if you have forgotten the car keys at home, you will have the digital keys to unlock and start the engine of your car. Digital keys will be available specifically for the upcoming 2021 BMW 5 models. But very soon, other vehicles will also get this feature.

Share and manage keys

You can share the Car keys with your friends and family too. New drivers can be restricted if you customize controls and create restricted profiles. You can send the digital key temporarily and revoke at any time.

CarPlay wallpaper and new app types

Now you can choose from a variety of wallpapers to set on the CarPlay that looks great. CarPlay also supports a variety of new apps for parking, electric vehicle charging, and food ordering.


ios 14 wwdc 2020-carplay
image credit-Apple

Key take away

Certainly, there have been quite a lot of changes in iOS 14 and they are new in the iOS territory. But features like home screen widgets, picture in picture, etc. exist in Android since ages. Apple is known to introduce path-breaking additions and it would be not wrong to say that iOS 14 is missing the touch of innovation.

Nevertheless, iOS developers have got something to try on with the development and it would be quite exciting to see the outcome to some of the popular iOS applications.


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