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jamendo review

Jamendo is a music platform for anybody who has even a marginal interest in Music or the industry. It features hundreds and thousands of songs composed by individual artists from around the world.

If I have to define the structure of Jamendo regarding music content, it has two significant aspects that make it one of the most prominent free digital music services:

  • Music Library inputs – The songs in the library are shared by thousands of artists for both personal and commercial use
  • Output – The songs are made available to the world via the app and website to stream and download.

Another highlight is the Jamendo Licensing that allows an artist to earn money by selling the content license for a commercial purpose – may be for a TV Series, Movies, YouTube Videos, Physical Stores, Radios, etc.

Why Jamendo?

You might think, why Jamendo? When you have so many other platforms where millions of so-called Hit Songs are already available!

You see, music buffs like me (too clichéd) like to explore a lot of music. I know so many people who are always looking for some new good music. Of course, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Charlie Puth, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin, etc. are great artists, but their songs are already so popular that they are available everywhere!

I have met quite a few people who listen to a particular genre of songs. Many of them listen to songs and follow various micro-influencer artists on Jamendo, SoundCloud, PureVolume, NoiseTrade, etc.

Jamendo started in 2004 with the aim of bringing artists, listeners, and buyers on the same platform where artists would publish the tracks following the Creative Common License strategy.

This meant that the artists could share the tracks themselves on the platform and Jamendo would make sure to make it reach its right place – ears of the people who liked that kind of Music!

They surely got a lot of traction due to the bad standards of the industry where people who made good music did not get a chance to showcase their talents. This was because the producers were only looking for commercial hits.

Therefore, it can be said that the internet industry brought a complete makeover and transparency to the music industry, and Jamendo played its part!

Now let’s review Jamendo and see what’s it got!

Website Experience

Well, the website has gone through many makeovers over a decade. The current version of the homepage gives you two options:

  1. Explore the indie artists
  2. Go to Jamendo Licensing

For people looking to stream and download songs, go to the first option. If you’re looking to buy music, choose the second one.

In this post, we will cover the streaming and downloading side of Jamendo.

Jamendo Website Experience

The homepage itself gives you a lot of options to explore. You can find a specific song directly by searching on the bar, or you can sort songs on Best of/Trending/Latest and filter songs on the basis on various genres of Rock, Pop, Electronic, etc.

Apart from the above list, you can explore various Radios on Jamendo that features songs from the list of songs available on the site itself! Isn’t it cool? You can keep listening to the radio, and when you find a song you like, you can download music for free!

There’s also an option to explore various communities, playlists, and selections.

Note: If you don’t log in, you can only get to stream music for free. However, if you sign in using your Facebook/Gmail ID or create an account, you get to download songs, create playlists, like and promote songs, and write reviews.

I’d give the website look & feel an 8/10.

Music – Range & Quality of Music Downloads, Player Options


The range of Music on Jamendo is remarkable. They boast a catalogue of over 500,000 tracks by 40,000 artists from 150+ countries around the world!

One thing Jamendo understood was that artists are there to create music, and only the ones with a good PR strategy should not be the one that gets an audience.

There are literally 19 Genres of Songs available on the platform! Combine that with 15 Radio Channels in Pop, Rock, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Indie, Classical, Folk, Lounge, Country, Relaxation, Metal, etc. that’s a lot of stuff to explore!

Not to miss are the songs that show on the Homepage when you sort the Best Of, or Trending on All Genres. You will see a lot of trending songs such as Two Kids, Gone, Procrastinating in the sun, Casanova, Crazy Glue, Good Morning, BED, I’d do anything you wanted, Rolling, Moments, etc. 

The above songs are by individual artists such as Melanie Ungar, Ralph Castelli, etc. who are providing the distribution of the songs themselves!

Music Quality

The online streaming of tracks happens at a rate of 96 Kbps. That’s relatively not so sound quality, but good enough for your personal use – especially on laptop/mobile speakers.

If you download the song, you get it in the MP3 format. However, if you use a P2P File Sharing Network, you get an OGG file that’s compatible with commonly used media players such as VLC, MPlayer, Windows Media Player, etc.

Many free music downloaders work on the P2P file sharing service strategy to provide you with Free MP3 Downloads.

Music Player Options

If you stream the songs on Jamendo directly, you get a music player on the bottom bar of the website. I must say, it is quite user-friendly.

Jamendo Music Player Bar

When you click on the ^ button on the bar, you go the music player. You get the song icon right in the middle with options to like, share, add to playlist or download the song.

There are options to Repeat, Shuffle, Play, Pause, Volume, Move Forward or Backward as well.

Jamendo Music Player

But, the best part is the player queue and the songs’ history that you get on the top right.

For the range of Music Library, I’d give it a 6/10, and for providing free songs and that too in a good enough quality, it gets a 7/10.


The thing I like about Jamendo is that I can stream, and download songs from the platform using both my laptop and smartphone.

You can download the Android and iOS apps of Jamendo from the links provided.



Getting free music downloads at this time might sound like an old-school thing, but it is still the first preference of many of us. We listen to songs on iTunes or mobile phones, and listening to downloaded songs makes is very easy for us to hear anytime and anywhere.

However, offline viewing of songs is also a viable option for many. As both offline and downloaded songs don’t come up with advertisements!

In this post, we tried to provide a review of Jamendo which is an excellent portal for all you music lovers out there!

Stay-tuned for more music website reviews!

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