Jeff Foxworthy Net Worth: Earnings from TV, Career, etc.


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One of the most successful and richest stand-up comedians in the world, Jeff Foxworthy is worth a $100 million with earnings of $250,000 a night helping him earn more than $5 million annually.

Early Life

Jeff was born on 6th September 1958 in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from Hapeville high school and worked in IBM before pursuing his dreams and current career. He married Pamela Gregg in 1985 and had two children.

Earnings included in Jeff Foxworthy net worth

His Television Career

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His career started when he when he won ‘Atlanta’s most popular comedy club’.

  • His television debut was when he hosted ‘The Jeff Foxworthy Show’ that brought in $32,500 per episode in 1995 which aired only for two years.
  • In 2004, he also launched his TV series which he hosted called ‘Blue Collar TV’ and ‘Comedy Network’.
  • He hosted the show ‘Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?’ from 2007 – 2008 and earned him $150,000 per episode.
  • He also hosted ‘Blue Collar Comedy tour’ and ‘The American Bible Challenge’.
  • Most famous for his ‘You are a redneck if..’
  • He is also the host of ‘The Bucks of Tecomate’

Comedy Albums Released

  • In 1993, he published an album titled ‘You might be a Redneck if..’ that earned him $3.1 million
  • In 1995 he released his second comedy album called ‘Games Rednecks Play’ and the sale proceeds amounted to $3 million
  • He released his 3rd comedy album titled ‘Crank it up’ that saw an income of $1 million in 1996
  • His album ‘Totally Committed’ in 1998 earned him $500,000
  • In 1999, his last album ‘Greatest Bits’ earned $150,000

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Voice over career

Jeff also did a voice-over for many movies and cartoons like:

  • Racing Stripes- 2005
  • The Fox and the Hound 2- 2006
  • The Aviators- 2009
  • Disney cartoon Phineas and Ferb in 2012
  • The Smurfs and the Smurfs 2 in 2011 and 2013
  • Bunyan and babe in 2017


  • He owns a 40,000 acres ‘Blue springs farm’, a 3000 acres property in Chattahoochee in Harris County and a 1000 acre farm in Georgia.
  • He owns a home in Alpharetta, GA

Vehicle collection

  • Jeff owns three John Deere tractors, a bulldozer and an excavator.
  • 69 Camaro

Endorsements and ventures

  • Jeff did a commercial for Golden Corral’s fondue fountain. He was their spokesperson as well
  • He also invested in Shark Tank products
  • He has also endorsed Films, Vegas casino and DVDs
  • Jeff owns his very own brand of ‘Beef Jerky’ and ‘Barbecue sauce’. The earnings from these two ventures are about $1 million


Jeff authored several children books as well books for other age groups. He is considered a best seller author, published more than 26 books and has even been on the lists of New York Times Bestseller.

  • His most famous is the ‘I Can Read’ series.
  • Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck Dictionary.
  • How to really stink at golf
  • No Shirt, No shoes, No problem!
  • How to really stink at work
  • Hide!
  • Hick is chic
  • The Redneck Grill and many more
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Social Work

  • Jeff Foxworthy believes in making the lives of unprivileged kids better. He is a philanthropist and donates and helps raise money for many charities.
  • His show in 2011, raised $70,000 just out of pre-sales of tickets. He raised millions of money and donated them towards non-profit organisations such as Atlanta Community Ministries. Atlanta Mission, Med Share and Open Hand and Woodson Elementary School.
  • He teaches a men’s Bible Study to homeless men, women and children. He has been doing so for eight years.
  • Jeff and his family also sponsor children and young adults through programs such as Child Sponsorship Program and Leadership Development Program.
  • Jeff has also helped benefit the victims of the Haiti earthquake/
  • He performed without any fee in Franklin and also donated the ticket proceeds of $160,000 to ‘Compassion’ an organisation that provides clean water.

Charities and Foundations that Jeff supports are:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Tug Mcgraw foundation
  • Red Cross
  • Neighbor’s Keeper foundation
  • Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

He supports causes like AIDS& HIV, Cancer, Children, Poverty, Education, Health, Homelessness and Human Rights.


Jeff is one of the wealthiest comedians and has done a lot for the poor and sick communities and the people who need help. With the amount he earned from tours and gigs, Jeff Foxworthy’s net worth is nothing but a dream for most comedians.

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Feature Image Credit: Snapshot from YouTube Video by Jimmy Fallon Show

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