Jeffree Star Net Worth: Career and Earnings from Music & Fashion


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Jeffree Star, the American singer-songwriter make-up artist, fashion designer and model, who is known for his fashion line “Beauty Forever” and his gender-bending appearance, is worth approximately $1 million.

Early Life

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger was born in Orange County, California, U.S. He was raised solely by his mother after the death of his father when he was six.

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Star took up an interest in make-up when he was young and began to experiment regularly with his mother’s make-up kits. He even wore make-up to his school. Star is currently dating Nathan Schwandt.


After graduating from high school, Star moved to Los Angeles and took up various jobs related to make-up, modelling and music to support himself.

He even used a fake ID to go to the Hollywood Clubs, where he met the celebrities and signed a contract for make-up work at their homes. His regular visits to the club and an interest in make-up eventually led him to model.

Star began a music career in the late 2000s when he became the part of the True Colors Tour 2007, which was sponsored by the LGBT logo channel. Star released his first and only studio album “Beauty Killer” in 2009.

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Subsequently, he went on to release other singles including “Blush”, “Mr Diva” and “Love to My Cobain”. Star was also featured on Blood on the Dance Floor’s 2014 song Poison Apple.

Star gained a considerable fan base through social networking website MySpace, where he blogs about self-image, confidence, fame, beauty and life.

He also uses the social media as a platform to showcase his talents in music and fashion design career.  Star also has over 4 million followers on his Youtube Channel, another media which he uses as a platform for the promotion of make-up works.

With increasing followers on YouTube, Star eventually started his own cosmetics line, “Jeffree Star Cosmetics”. He also launched a clothing line “Beauty Forever” in 2016.

Films and TV Shows

Jeffree Star has appeared in movies like Hella Crazy and What now. He has also appeared on TV shows including LA Link, Spread Entertainment and Video On Trial.

Jeffree Star has gone on several concert tours promoting his albums including Jeffree Star Will Steal Your Man Tour, I’m So Fierce Tour, I’m So Fierce! Tour, The Fresh Meat Tour, I’m Pregnant, Let’s Party Tour, The Scene is Dead Tour and Extreme Beauty Tour.

Jeffree Star Net Worth

It is no secret that Jeffree Star likes to live a luxury life. His current net worth is $1 million. Although he makes millions from his YouTube videos, Star’s major earnings are from his album sales and the sale of his beauty products and clothing line.

Houses, Cars and Private Jets

Star resides in Calabasas, California with his boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt. He purchased his 7,100 sq. ft house in 2016 for $3.6 million. The house has seven bathrooms and six bedrooms.

Star also spends a good deal of money on cars. His collection of cars include a two Barbie pink BMW (i8 and Z4), Lamborghini Huracan and a white Rolls Royce Phantom.

Star also owns a private jet which he frequently shows off on his Instagram page and Youtube channel.


The 31-year-old recently made an unexpected gesture. He announced that he was partnering with Jouer Cosmetics and decided to donate 100% profits to his favourite charity “The Los Angeles LGBT Center”.

It is even known that none of his cosmetics is tested on animals. He stated that the whole line of cosmetics is cruelty-free and that make-up is for humans and not animals.


Jeffrey Star has been breaking all the stereotypes and has gained a broad fan base not just in music, but also in beauty and fashion. Ignoring all the controversies, Star has seen growth in every venture. Jeffree is known for his gender-bending appearances, unique persona and also his tattoos. He mentioned in an interview that he has over 70 tattoos. Star although began his career in music by self-publishing some of his singles, soon became a famous musician and continued to make music and also appears on various albums by different artists. Star has been successful at the very beginning of his career, and we do know that he has a long way to go.

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