Jennifer Aniston’s Net Worth: Earnings from Friends, Movies, etc.


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Jennifer Aniston, who rose to prominence after starring in popular NBC’s sitcom Friends, is worth $200 million. The American actor, film producer and businesswoman, has seen steady growth ever since. Not just from films and TV shows, Aniston earns in millions from her business ventures, endorsement deals and royalties.

Early Life

Jennifer Joanna Aniston was born in Sherman Oaks, California, USA. She attended Rudolph Steiner School in New York. She was married to the actor Brad Pitt for the period 2000-2005. Later, she married actor Justin Theroux in 2015, and recently the couple announced their separation.



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Jennifer Aniston was not new to the television industry. Her father, John Aniston already had a career in television and was widely known for his character as Victor Kiriakis in NBC drama Days of Our Lives. She found various other jobs like telemarketer, waitress and mile messenger while she continued giving various acting auditions. She appeared on minor roles in some TV series and movies like Malloy, Ferris Bueller and The Edge.

Disappointed with her acting career, Jennifer Aniston then moved to Los Angeles. Shortly after that she auditioned for a role in NBC’s sitcom Friends in 1994 and was offered a role of Rachel Greene which became a breakthrough role. The sitcom became popular worldwide, and Jennifer soon became one of the highest paid actresses in the world.


With Ray Ray Greene rising to prominence, Aniston was offered various roles in movies. She has appeared in over 30 films including Picture Perfect, The Good Girl, Derailed, Marley & Me, Just Go with It, Horrible Bosses, She’s Funny That Way and Dumplin’. She continues to work on various projects, and her fame has not reduced even slightly.

Aniston has been nominated for various awards, and she has received Golden Globe Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards and SAG Awards. She has also appeared in few music videos like Walls, and I want to be in Love.


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Aniston refused to restrict her empire within acting and even explored her ways into various ventures, and today, she is a very successful businesswoman. In 2002, she along with her ex-husband Brad Pitt founded Plan B Entertainment, a film production company and withdrew from it after the separation of the couple.

However, in 2008, she founded Echo Films.

She has released a line of perfumes including Jennifer Aniston (2010), J(2014), Near Dusk  (2015), Beach Scope (2016), Luxe (2017) and Chapter One (2017). She also owns a hair care company Living Proof.

Jennifer Aniston Net Worth

The actress who rose to fame worldwide from the TV series Friends has remained in the spotlights ever since and is of worth $200 million. The sitcom Friends has earned a million viewers, and she continues to receive royalties for the series.

Houses and Cars

Jennifer currently resides in Bel Air, California. Her 8,500 sq ft mansion with four bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms is worth $23 million. She also has a 2,873 sq ft apartment in New York worth $8.7 million. She owns a mansion in Beverly Hills which is a 10,000 sq. ft. in the area and worth $42 million.

Her car collection includes Bentley Continental GT, Range Rover and Toyota Prius.


With the growth in Jennifer Aniston’s career, she was the most sought-after actress by various brands to sign the endorsement deals. Aniston appeared in numerous commercials and endorsed different brands including Heineken, L’Oreal, Microsoft, Smart water, Aveeno Skincare, Emirates Airline and EyeLove.


As much as Aniston is loved by her fans worldwide, Aniston returns her love to all, especially to the needy through various philanthropic activities.

Jennifer Aniston supports Friends of El Faro, a non-profit organisation that raises funds for an orphanage in Mexico. She has also appeared on commercials for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

In 2010, on Earth Day, she along with other celebrities joined The Cove PSA: My Friend is…”, an effort to stop the slaughter of dolphins and also to protect the Japanese people from the toxic levels of mercury found in dolphin meat.

Aniston donated $500,000 to a healthcare provider Doctors Without Borders. She also donated $500,000 each to the Red Cross and Ricky Martin Foundation to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria.

She was named the ambassador for the Saks Fifth Avenue Key to the Cure campaign, which raises funds for women’s cancer research.

She is a supporter of various other charities as:

  • AmeriCares
  • Clothes Off Our Back
  • Comic Relief Inc
  • Feeding America
  • EB Medical Research Foundation
  • Project A.L.S, Omni Peace and Rape
  • Abuse & Incest National Network


Jennifer Aniston has remained on the list of most paid actress for a long time since her appearance in friends. She earned up to $1 million per episode for the last two seasons of the series. She has also appeared in numerous movies and has been widely accepted by her audiences. Her business is also a very successful venture, and Aniston is considering expanding the business while simultaneously taking of different acting projects. With this phase of growth, Aniston’s net worth is expected to rise over next few years. Looks like, Ray Ray Greene is not considering to take a BREAK!

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