The Owner of Dallas Cowboys: Jerry Jones Net Worth, Career & Assets


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Jerry Jones, the American Businessman, best known for being the owner of National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys since 1989, is worth $5.6 billion as of 2018. The 75-year-old Jones, who has had a series of successful and unsuccessful business ventures, is today one of the wealthiest owners of an NFL team.

Early Life

Jerral Wayne Jones was born in Los Angeles, California, U.S. and raised in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Jones attended North Little Rock High School where he played football for the school team as a running back.


He then attended college at the University of Arkansas and was the member of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity. Jones has a master’s degree in business which he earned in 1970. Jerry Jones is married to Eugenia Jones, and the couple has three children.

During his college days, Jones was a co-captain of the 1964 National Championship football team. He was a significant football player of his time who later went on to purchase the Cowboys in 1989 from H. R. “Bum” Bright for $140 million.

At the time of sale, it was reported that Bright was losing around $1 million per month on the Franchise.

After purchasing the Cowboys, Jones built a team which was often named to be one of the best NFL franchises of the 1990s. The value of the Cowboys soon appreciated under the ownership of Jones and is currently worth $4 billion.

Before becoming the owner of the Cowboys, Jones had a series of unsuccessful business ventures including Chain of restaurants and job at his father’s insurance company.

He then began an oil and gas exploration business in Arkansas, “Jones Oil and Land Lease”, which was a successful venture. Jones even considered to buy San Diego Chargers for $5.8 million but gave up on the idea after he was discouraged by his father.

In 2001, Jones opened the first, and only NFL themed golf club, “Cowboys Golf Club”. In 2009, he founded 289c Apparel to service the Cowboys business, and in 2016, the Cowboys opened “The Star in Frisco”, a 91-acre headquarters that houses a field, a fitness centre, a sports club and a hotel.

TV Shows

Jones has made some cameo appearances in various TV shows including Coach, Entourage, Go Fund Yourself and Moss Piglets.

Jerry Jones has won various awards including FWCCA College Football National Championship, Three-Time Super-Bowl Champion, NFL Gridiron Club of Dallas Distinguished Texan Award, NFL Executive of the Year (2014), Outstanding Team ESPY Award (as owner/president/GM of Dallas Cowboys), Horatio Alger Award and Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Ducks Unlimited (Arkansas Branch Jerry Jones Sportsman’s Award has been named in his honour.

Jerry Jones Net Worth

Jones, who has owned Dallas Cowboys for about 30 seasons, is worth $5.6 billion. The majority of his net worth can be accounted for as being his ownership stake in the Cowboys.

The team is worth $4 billion, and it makes around $250 million from the merchandise alone. In 2009, he also spent $1 billion on his AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas and earned big money from every game, boxing match, corporate event and concert that takes place there.

The stadium features several artworks that are worth millions.

Assets and Properties

Jones lives in his fancy mansion in the Highland Park neighbourhood of Dallas. The house, which was built in 1931 sits on 14,044 sq. ft. area and has six fireplaces. He also owns an 11,500 sq. ft. House in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Jones also owns a private plane Gulfstream V. He bought a luxury bus for $2.5 million, which has nine TVs, marble countertops and room for 20 people. Jones spent around $8 million on a nine-seat helicopter in 2016.


Jones has appeared on the commercials for Diet Pepsi Max, Papa John’s, Apex and Pizza Hut.


The Jones family is known to be one of the most generous families and has made impressive charitable contributions. Jones and his wife, Gene helped raise money for the “ESCAPE Family Resource Center” and also contributed $220,000.

The couple also donated $100,000 to “The Salvation Army” to assist with the charity’s disaster relief efforts in Texas.


Jones also founded “Jones Family Foundation” with a mission to help those who don’t have the strength, the resources or the means to help themselves.


Jerry Jones is one of the most successful business persons with a generous heart and a genius mind. It does take a lot of commitment and dedication to buy a team which was known for its mediocre performance and turn it into the world’s most valuable sports team. With the achievements in his career, the owner and the general manager of Dallas Cowboys, is expected to grow more in the years to come.


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