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JoJo is a singer, actor and songwriter with an estimated net worth of around $5 million and yearly income amount to $588,000. Though she does not make the headlines nowadays, let’s find out about her career and all the factors that resulted in her current net worth.

Early Life

Joanna Noelle Blagden Levesque AKA JoJo was born on 20th of December, 1990 in Vermont. She was brought up in Massachusetts and began her career in the industry at a very young age as her mother was a part of a church choir. JoJo started singing at the age of two which was the minute she could talk.

She has also appeared in TV shows, and movies and is said to have one of the best voices.

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Earnings contributed to Jojo net worth

Her career in the music industry

JoJo’s total revenues from her music are around $3.1 million.

  • She auditioned for the talent show ‘Destination Stardom’, and that’s where her talent for singing was recognised.
  • JoJo competed in ‘America’s Most Talented Kids’ and although she did not win she landed an audition for the ‘Blackground Records’ and was signed.
  • Her first live demo was in 2001 titled ‘Joanna Levesque’ which mostly consisted of cover songs of famous R&B singers.
  • In 2003, her deal was made official, and she released her first hit single in 2004 titled ‘Leave (Get Out)’.
  • Her first solo Album was named ‘JoJo’ also released in 2004 sold more than 95,000 copies in just its first week. It also soared to the top 40 list in the UK.
  • Her second album was released in 2006 by the name ‘The High Road’ making an income of $405,844. Also sales of more than 108,000, it also debuted at the number three spot on Billboard. The most famous song in her second album is ‘Too little too late’.
  • In 2010, JoJo released a mixtape titled ‘In the Dark’
  • She has made covers of many songs such as Drake’s ‘Marvin Room’ and T-Pain’s ‘Can’t believe it’.
  • JoJo has toured 11 times out of which six tours are of her albums, and the rest are guest or opening acts for other singers.

Movie and TV show Career

  • Her debut came up when she was just seven in a Television show called ‘Kids Say the Darndest Things: On the Road in Boston’.
  • She also made an appearance on the ‘Opera Winfrey Show’ and ‘Maury’.
  • She was a co-host in 2006’s Grammy Award countdown’.
  • Her first movie debut comes in the movie ‘Aquamarine’ in 2006, earning $7.5 million in its first week.
  • In 2006, her second movie titled ‘RV’ alongside the late Robin Williams made over $69.7 million and hit the number 1 spot at its release.
  • In 2008, her movie ‘True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet’ was broadcasted.


  • The actress lives in a home in Los Angeles

Vehicle collection

  • She owns a BMW

Endorsements and ventures

  • Her sponsorship and endorsement deals are said to cash in almost $130,719 per year.

Social Work

JoJo is a social philanthropist and has always come forward to speak her mind.

  • In association with ‘Love, Our Children USA’ JoJo used her voice to stop Bullying.
  • JoJo took part in a charity single called ‘Come Together Now’ that would help the Victims of the Asian Tsunami in 2004 and also the Katrina Hurricane.
  • She is also a supporter of the Reality Cares Foundation.
  • She supports causes such as Abuse, Parent Support, At-Risk Youth, Children and Anti Bullying.


According to many professionals, JoJo is said to have one of the best voices in America, and though her Record label withheld her professional career at a young age, she still managed to make a good career. We hope to hear more of her music and her soulful voice.


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