Juelz Santana Net Worth

The American Rapper and producer Juelz Santana is said to be worth $9 million. His yearly income is supposed to be around $1.5 million. His real name is Laron Louis James, and he was born on February 18, 1982, in New York. He started rapping at the tender age of 5.

Juelz and his friends began their duo when he was just 12 and were signed to ‘Priority Records label’ and has been linked four more Record label, one of them being the most famous label for rap artists ‘Def Jam’. The rapper has had many hits since then both as a group duo and a solo artist. He is not married but reportedly has two sons.

Earnings included in Juelz Santana Net Worth

His music-career

Though Juelz started rapping at a young age, it wasn’t until he sang with Cam’ron and joined his group ‘The Diplomats’ in 2002 that he became famous.

  • He joined a hip-hop group named ‘The Diplomats or Dipset’ and their album ‘Diplomatic Immunity which was released in 2003, certified platinum and earned him an estimated $1 million
  • The group released another sequel to the previous album in 2004 named ‘Diplomatic Immunity 2’ which was certified Gold and made Juelz $500,000
  • The group has released many mixtapes, the latest one being ‘American Dream’ released in 2015.
  • His debut album as a solo artist ‘Me to U’ released in 2003 earned him $74,000 and also came in at #8 on the billboards
  • His second solo album, which he released in 2005 by the name ‘What the Game’s been missing!’ helped Juelz increase his worth by $500,000. The album biggest hit song was ‘There It Go’, ‘Clockwork’ and ‘Oh Yes’.
  • The rapper in total has made $5.7 million from 2 albums, six mixtapes and 20 singles.
  • He has collaborated with many world-famous artists like Chris Brown, Sean Kingston, Jay-Z, Jim Jones, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, Rick Ross.

Movie and TV

He has made appearances in TV shows and movies.

  • From 2011 to 2012, Juelz made appearances on the reality show ‘Love & Hip-Hop’. He also made another appearance in the show in 2016.

Some movies that he has appeared in are:

  • His debut in the film industry was in the movie State Property: Blood on the streets released in 2005.
  • Killa Season
  • The Project
  • Red Apples falling
  • Video girl.


  • Santana owned a 2,300 square feet home in New Jersey which he later sold.
  • Currently, he lives in Teaneck, New Jersey, the US in the Glenpointe gated community

Vehicle Collection

The singer shows off his luxury cars that have a net worth of more than $500,000.

  • Rolls Royce Phantom in 2006 for $380,000
  • A Bentley Continental purchased in 2008 for $180,000
  • A Corvette in 2006
  • Lamborghini LM002 truck

Endorsements and Ventures

  • The actor uses his social media platform to promote many brands and products
  • He is mainly involved with Express Smile Atlanta, IO moonwalkers, GBC Boutique and Jefferson etc.
  • His estimated income from endorsements and sponsorships is said to be around $235,394

Social Work

Like any other celebrity Juelz too supports charities and causes such as AIDS, Cancer and Health etc.

  • In 2010, he performed at a charity event to support Cancer research.
  • He has also donated money towards charity and many other causes.


His net worth from a mere $500,000 from the start of his career has gradually increased in the years 2012-2017 to a $9 million. He is said to be releasing two more albums or mixtape soon either in 2018 or 2019 which may make huge sales for the rapper.

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