Kevin Hart Net Worth

Kevin Hart’s Net Worth of $160 Million is probably a dream for any comedian. In 2016, he was the highest paid comedian in the world with $87.5M, surpassing the legend of comedy – Jerry Seinfeld by $44 million! Kevin’s earnings from 2016-2017 have been much less, adding only $32.5 Million in the year to his worth.

Having started his career with quite a struggle, Kevin has made it big in the industry, from getting booed at his stand-up gigs to hosting the Justin Bieber’s Roast.

He has a great following too. Considering only the social media, he has 35 Million followers on Twitter and nearly 24 Million on Facebook and 56.7 Million on Instagram!

Let’s see what all did he do in his career to become one of the wealthiest comedians of all time.

Earnings adding to Kevin Hart’s Net Worth

Stand-up gigs

Kevin has clogged millions of dollars through his stand-up tours and events. In fact, for the year 2018, he has “The Irresponsible Tour” planned across the US and Canada.

He is the only comedian to have sold more than a million tickets in a year! Also, his shows happen on huge arenas with capacities of 19,000 (Madison Square Garden), 50,000 (Lincoln Financial Field), etc.

With Comedians requiring only a microphone for their performances, their profit margins are much higher than bands. Kevin Hart performed a hundred shows from Mid-2015 to 2016. A hundred more from then till today, earning $1M from a single gig of “What now?”. That’s a hell lot of money!

He has performed the following tours in the past decade:

  • 2009 – I’m a Grown Little Man
  • 2010 – Seriously Funny
  • 2011 – Laugh at My Pain
  • 2013 – Let me Explain
  • 2015-16 – What Now?
  • 2017-18 – The Irresponsible Tour

His Laugh at My Pain Tour got him $15 Million making it the top comedy-gig grosser for that year.

The road to emcee

Kevin Hart has been a host at many events too. He hopes to go on the line of becoming an emcee or the Master of Ceremonies.

He’s hosted the following shows in his career:

  • 2011 BET Awards
  • 2012 MTV Video Music Awards
  • Saturday Night Live
  • NBA All-Star Game Fashion Week (2015)
  • Roast of Justin Bieber (2015)

Movies, Shows & Music

Kevin Hart is not the typical Stand-up comedian types who would stick to one thing for their success. This makes him a great businessman too. Kevin Hart has acted in a lot of movies and got recognition from the industry. His top-grossing films include:

  • Ride Along – The movie made $134 Million, making it one of the highest comedy grosser of all times
  • Soul Plane
  • Scary Movie 3
  • Little Flockers
  • The Wedding Ringer
  • Get Hard
  • The 40-Year Old Virgin
  • Central Intelligence (Movie’s Grossing – $270 Million)
  • Secret Life of Pets (Grossing $875M)

He also released Kevin Hart: What Now? Mixtape with an alias name Chocolate Droppa. The album featured many other artists such as Chris Brown, Big Sean, Nick Jonas, etc. You can find his tracks on Apple Music.

Since then he has released other singles along with Trey Songz called Push it On Me and Migos & T.I called Baller Alert.

Kevin Hart has also been involved in TV shows such as Real Husbands of Hollywood starring as himself. The show is kind of a male-parody of the show Real Housewives. The show has won several awards and recognition from people. He started his on-screen career from a TV series called Undeclared which only lasted for a year (2001), but it helped him get recognition in his career as an actor.

Endorsements, Companies, and Tweets!

Kevin’s Hart net worth includes earnings in millions from his endorsements and commercials for various companies such as:

  • Footlocker
  • Hyundai
  • Nike
  • H&M

He is reported to be an investor in Tommy John Underwear too. Now that makes him a true businessman.

Some of the email-leaks from the Sony Hack show that he was offered $2M from Sony to tweet about the movies No Good Deed and The Equalizer.


Anybody earning so much money has got to have great cars. Kevin Hart has a great collection of cars too!

He owns the following Beauties as he calls them:

  • Ferrari 488 GTB
  • Merc – G-Class
  • Merc – SLS AMG ($130,000)
  • Ferrari 458 Spider
  • 1980 Pontiac Trans-AM


With his popularity around the world, Kevin Hart’s Net Worth has more than doubled in the past half-decade. He went from a $28M earnings in 2013-14 to a whopping $87.5 in 2015-16. He has seen steady incomes between $25-35 Million over the years, which is nothing but a significant achievement a comedian can hope for. Seinfeld built his net worth of over $900M from decades’ long career and Hart is catching up quite fast!

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