King Koil Air Mattress Review – Portable, Inflatable but Yet Cozy

King Koil Airbed

Are you looking for a temporary sleep solution? King Koil Airbed would be a perfect choice if you are camping lover or just need extra bed occasionally to accommodate your guests.

The mattress has an auto-inflatable mechanism. It gets packed easily into the carrying bag. So anytime you plan a vacation or guests arrive at your place, you have an immediate solution.


This mattress stands pretty high off the ground around 20 inches giving you a feel of a bed and also adds to your comfort and stability. It helps you get in and out of it easily with its perfect level. It also helps you support your spinal alignment. The top is thick & water-resistant too.

The mattress has a nice shape and is very firm. It holds the air for much longer so you would not have to bother about the tedious task of filling up the air for each use.

Let’s have a closer look at what all the King Koil Air mattress has to offer us.

Reasons why you should opt for the King Koil Air Bed mattress

After a lot of research, we’ve got for you a list of reasons to help you decide why you should be opting for the King Koil Airbed Mattress.

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  • Extra thick comfortable quilt top and a built-in pillow.
  • Helps to support the spinal alignment and lets you sleep in your favorite posture.
  • Very easy to open and the pump does all the inflating in just 2-3 minutes and equally easier to deflate too.
  • Stores air for approximately three nights. No issue of pumping at each use.
  • Storage is very convenient. It can be tucked into its cover when not required and be stored at any corner of the house.
  • Velvet non-slip and water-resistant finishing.
  • Comes with a 1-year guarantee.
  • Has a 20ʺ height.
  • Supports 600 pounds weight.
  • Skid-free bottom.
  • Puncture proof material.


1. Construction & Design

Despite an airbed, King Koil Airbed mattress has also been rated well for the comfort that it offers. That means it has a double benefit of a portable inflatable bed along with some of the features of a regular mattress. Isn’t it would be nice to understand how this product has been constructed and designed.

A thick and soft upper surface

The surface is plush velvety with an inbuilt pillow. It is large enough and can carry a weight of up to 600 pounds.

It helps you maintain your spinal alignment and does not let you feel any strain that would have arisen otherwise on opting any other mattress for sleeping outdoors or on the floor.

Water resistant

The top is even water resistant preventing the water from entering into the mattress the moment it drops down on it.

Easily inflatable/deflatable

The air can be easily inflated or deflated into the mattress. It comes with a built-in pump that helps to inflate or deflate the mattress in a matter of just 2-3 minutes.

Stability and firmness

The mattress is pretty much stable and firm. So there would be no issues when kids occasionally choose to jump upon it or when you sit on the corner of it, there won’t be any chances of collapsing down.


The mattress has been packaged well into a carry bag. It can be comfortably rolled up and slid inside it and be kept at any corner of the house.

It can be one of your best travel partners. You just have to set up the tent and pump it up; you’re all done to sleep in there like you are at home.

king koil air matteress features
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Inbuilt electric pump

It has even got a safe inbuilt electric pump that can be plugged in at the time of inflation and automatically fulfills the task.

Our rating

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  • Surface Quality –  ★★★★☆
  • Stableness – ★★★★★
  • Cover – ★★★★☆


Manual valve – No power no worries

Let’s say you are on a camping tour and there is no power outlet to pump your bed. You will surely need a manual option to inflate your bed to avoid sleepless nights. King koil bed has an answer for this as well.

king koil manual valve

It has an inbuilt manual valve which can inflate and deflate the bed without the need for power.

2. Warranty & Return policy

Another interesting feature that this mattress offers you is Try & Buy.

One Year guarantee

The Company gives you a 1-year guarantee period after the date of purchase.

This is the only air mattress company that offers you a guarantee period of up to 1 year after the purchase.

3. Standout features

The product offers you a few remarkable features which would surely make you want to have an air mattress none other than this one.


The King Koil Airbed mattress possesses all the necessary qualities of an airbed mattress including its exceptional features too. With its fast, automated inflation and deflation process, thick surface, packaging, etc. it fulfills the necessities of a durable mattress.


To talk in terms of comfort, it helps to provide the utmost comfort to a person irrespective of the place he/she is in.

If you are the one who loves a lot to go camping, then this can be your companion and help to ensure you do not come across any spinal pains during the time of your adventures.


It is a big blast in a mini packaging that gives you wonderful featuring. It has a thick surface, water resistance, velvety touch top and all good qualities that you could have ever imagined in an airbed mattress.

Stores air for longer

Unlike other airbed mattresses that need to be filled up every then and now after each use, the King Koil Airbed mattress just needs to be pumped up once in three nights.

Yes, it’s true you do not have to keep thinking every time you need to sleep that you have to inflate it. It can smoothly work up to three nights with the same quality if you do not inflate it too.

Guest bed/ Travel partner

Forget about the times when you had to knock the neighbor next door asking for extra bedding since you have guests at home.

None of that anymore, whenever you have any acquaintances for a sleepover you just have to open up your little bundle of a big surprise and let them enjoy it too. It can also accompany you on your trekking camps or other adventures.

Our rating

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  • Air storage capacity-★★★★★
  • Firmness-★★★★☆
  • Comfort-★★★★☆


4. Some other interesting facts

Lets quickly go through some of the other interesting facts about this air mattress.

The only Manufacturer endorsed by Chiropractors

King Koil is the only manufacturer in terms of sleep products that is being endorsed by the very famous International Chiropractors Association to promote spinal alignment.

Eco-friendly PVC top

The top surface along with the other qualities is also eco-friendly and free from any kind of toxic chemicals.

Customer Support

There is Monday- Friday (9 a.m. – 5 p.m.) customer support in which you get an option for a chat as well as calling according to your convenience.

5. Sleep Experience

So with all its standout features & fantastic quality, we assure you that this air mattress will prove to be very different from any other airbed mattress available in the market.

6. AvailableSizes

The King Koil Air Mattress comes in three different sizes. You can choose whatever is suitable for you.

  • King Koil Twin size Airbed Mattress- 76ʺ×38ʺ×20ʺ
  • King Koil Queen size Airbed Mattress- 80ʺ×60ʺ×20ʺ
  • King Koil California King Airbed Mattress- 84ʺ×72ʺ×20ʺ

7. Pricing options

The King Koil airbed mattress has set different prices for its three different versions. Believe us, these are quite competitive given the features and quality that they offer. But if you are lucky you can get a discounted rate as well.

Average price for this mattress is around

  • King Koil Twin size Airbed Mattress – $94.95
  • King Koil Queen size Airbed Mattress – $119.95
  • King Koil California King Airbed Mattress – $126.90

Cons of king koil air mattress

It was challenging for the Stemjar team to say if there are any negative points related to this mattress. Though it stands outstanding in terms of its features, we found these little flaws that accompany it.

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  • Emergency release valve does not tuck in – One of the major drawbacks according to various reviews is that the emergency release valve is not hidden inside the mattress which can make it look shabby at times.
  • Expensive – It is a bit expensive in comparison to the other airbed mattresses.
  • Requires larger bed sheets – Due to its large size, the mattress requires to be covered with a larger bed sheet. The usual bed sheets won’t help to cover it fully.


But these minor issues would in no way be a hindrance to the pleasure that the King Koil Airbed mattress would offer to you.

Final Verdict for this purchase

The King Koil Airbed mattress is very easy to use and can be carried along wherever we travel. It helps you feel fully supported during the night and lets you have the utmost comfort.


With its thick top and inbuilt pillow, you would be waking up refreshed and contented each morning for sure. It is the only sleep manufacturer that is being endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association to promote your spinal alignment and help you have a healthier night sleep.

It comes with a 1-year warranty period. It holds air for a duration of a maximum three days, unlike the other mattresses that start leaking each day and require pumping then.

It is made with an eco-friendly PVC material which naturally stretches up during the first few uses. It has an easy inflation and deflation process that can be done automatically by its inbuilt pump. So this is comfortable as a temporary sleep solution.

With a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 from Amazon, the King Koil Airbed mattress is a standout from the usual airbed mattresses and should definitely be tried once.