What is the net worth of Larry Bird, One of the most known players in Basketball

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The Boston Celtics legend has a net worth amounting to $45 million and is said to have earned around $2 million as salary annually. Larry was born in West Baden Springs in 1956. He was born in a low-income family and had a very rough childhood with his committing suicide (which is why Larry supports poor people and donates to causes that help prevent depression and suicide).

His only way out of poverty was basketball. Through his hard work, he became famous in school and was later scouted by the Boston Celtics. He has married twice and had four children.

Earnings included in his total net worth

His Basketball career

Larry started playing basketball at Springs Valley high school and became a star player since a very early age. He played basketball at Indiana State University where he studied. He dedicated his entire career to Boston Celtics. He is the only player of the NBA with three titles namely: ‘Coach of the Year’, most valuable player of the year (which he won thrice in his whole professional career), and Executive of the year

  • In 1979, he started playing for the Boston Celtics and signed his first five-year contract with them at an estimate of $3.25 million.
  • Larry won three NBA titles with the Boston Celtics in the year 1981, 1984 and 1986.
  • He has won awards for best free throw shooter, third highest scorer and all-star player.
  • He was also part of the team that won the Olympics in Barcelona.
  • His salary from 1980-1992 was a brief $1.8 million annually.
  • His total income from his career as a player was around $26 million.
  • After he retired as a player due to his health conditions, Larry went on to be an executive assistant for the Boston Celtics for five more years.

His career as a Coach

  • After Larry retired from his professional career as a basketball player, Larry took to coaching the Indian Pacers and led them to victory.
  • He was a coach only for three years until 2000
  • Now he remains an advisor to the team

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  • Bird owns a beautiful 6,000 square feet home in Florida which consists of 4 bedrooms, six bathrooms, a home theatre, and Palm tree lined entrance, and of course, a pool bought for around $5 million.
  • He also owns a house in hometown Indiana at Terre Haute.
  • Larry owns a home in Indianapolis.

Vehicle collection

  • He owns ‘A pacer’s Indy Car.’
  • A Thunderbird Mustang
  • And a Ford.

Endorsements and ventures

  • The former basketball player has appeared on some clothes ads and video games
  • He also appeared in the movie Space Jam helped his spread his fame even among the movie lovers.
  • He also trades in real estate
  • He has a hotel and restaurant in Terre Haute
  • He also has money coming from the Heinz Corporation for marketing their products and chains
  • Larry turned one of his homes into a restaurant so that the NBA officials could have free meals

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Larry also wrote and co-wrote books out of which he is still earning royalties.

  • The Story of my life
  • Bird watching: On playing and coaching the game I love
  • The Ghost of Larry Bird
  • When the game was ours

Social Work

  • He was the Guest of honour in the annual Masquerade which raised $800,000 for the kids in need in Indiana. Larry has made donations to the cause and much more but chooses to keep it private.
  • The Larry Bird scholarship in the ‘University of Indiana State’ provides more than $400,000 towards students annually.

He supports the following charities:

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • Charita Bulls
  • He also supports causes such as Depression, Family support, Suicide etc.


Throughout his career, he scored 21,791 points 8,974 rebounds and 5,695 assists. His name was also added to the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1998. Larry played his last year in Boston in pain due to his spine problems and other health problems. Thus, he has a reputation for his utmost dedication and love for the sport and the team.

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