Larry David Net Worth
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Larry David who is a writer, actor, comedian, producer and playwright is estimated to have a net value of around $400 million. Larry David started his career as a stand-up comedian but today is one of the highest earning writers of all time.

Early Life

Lawrence Gene David AKA Larry David was born in New York on the 2nd of July, 1947. Comedy came naturally to him since his school days where he could make people laugh very easily. He completed his education in history from the University of Maryland. He has been married once to Laurie Lennard for 14 years. The divorced couple has two children.

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Earnings included in Larry David net worth

His Writing and producing career

  • Larry was a stand- up comedian when he got his first job as a writer for ABC’s show ‘Fridays’ from the year 1980-1982
  • In 1984 and 1985, Larry was a writer for SNL (Saturday Night Live)
  • In 1989, David in collaboration with Jerry Seinfeld created a pilot (a short episode to market the series) for ‘The Seinfeld Chronicles’ for the NBC. The pilot was successful and helped in the creation of one of the best shows ever ‘Seinfeld.’
  • Larry in spite of being the writer made small appearances on the show time to time
  • David was a part of the show for seven seasons writing almost 62 episodes before he left and returned to write its finale in 1998
  • With the sale of the show in 1998, earned Larry $250 million in that year alone. The whole syndication was for a total sum of $1.7 billion which are paid to the members over the year
  • Larry made around $55 million in 2008, from the syndication and DVD sales
  • In 1998, Larry did the writing and directing of the movie ‘Sour grapes’
  • In 1999, Larry David hit the jackpot with HBO as they started airing the one- hour special ‘Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm’. The series revolves around his life and success he achieved from Seinfeld
  • In 2010, the series ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ was aired on TV Guide Network

Acting Career

  • He appeared in small roles in the movies New York Stories and Radio Days
  • He played the starring role in the movie ‘Whatever Works’ in 2009
  • He also appeared on Entourage and an episode of Hannah Montana
  • Larry played a role in ‘The Three Stooges’ in 2012
  • He starred in the play ‘Fish in the Dark’ and was also the writer
  • He also hosted SNL a couple of times

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  • Larry owned a beautiful 11,000 square feet ‘Pacific Palisades’ home which is estimated to be worth $14.9 million. The home consisted of amenities such as Jacuzzi, Gaming room, Home office and a Sauna. It was reportedly sold for $12 million in 2014

Vehicle collection

  • Larry owns a Toyota Prius worth $27,000
  • A BMW i3


  • He has published ‘The Seinfeld Scripts: The First and Second Seasons’ in 1998

Social Work

  • Larry spreads awareness on social issues through his TV series ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’
  • He has also founded the ‘Larry David Foundation.’

Larry supports foundations and charities such as:

  • Nevada Cancer Institute
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation
  • Alliance For Children’s Rights
  • He also helps causes such as Children, Poverty, Abuse and Health


Larry is a very creative writer. Most of Larry’s income and net worth comes from the syndication of the show ‘Seinfeld’ which brought in a deal of almost a billion dollars that Larry receives in parts every year. David has played a significant role in making scripts of amazing shows and movies. From SNL to his very own TV series, Larry has never failed to impress his fans and the audience who expect a lot from the comedian cum writer.

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