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What does YWA mean?

This acronym is also a responsive slang just like TY, TTYL or NM. YWA is the abbreviated term for the phrase - You're Welcome Anyway. The term YWA is an alternate term for YW which stands for You’re Welcome. Though YW is a typical response to a pleasant Thank you, YWA can mean lot other things as well. The slang is seen a lot in texting, in apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Hike or Messenger.

What are emojis? How have they evolved over time?

A successor of the emoticons that the 90s kids would be very much aware of, Emojis are the forms of expressions that we use today. Unlike emoticons where the users were to express using the limited numbers and punctuations to create a face, the concept of emojis is more advanced or evolved.

What does SJW mean? What is its significance in the society?

This acronym is rather a unique one since it isn’t a common chatroom slang. It represents a whole bunch of individuals who make use of the online mediums (usually social media sites and blogs) to raise their voices and opinions. The acronym is the abbreviated term for the phrase Social Justice Warriors. These are people who voice their concern and talk about topics that are usually sensitive and controversial.

What does ROFL mean?

Another acronym that is often seen with or paired with the abbreviation LMAO and LOL is used when something likewise is hilarious and has tickled your funny bone. ROFL or rofl is the abbreviated term for the phrase Rolling On The Floor Laughing. The acronym is fairly informal and in a lot of ways not so polite tbh, since a lot of times people can be easily offended by it.

What does HUH mean?

Huh, just like OMG, is used when you want to express shock or surprise. It is also used in a lot another context in texting itself. Huh usually works as an excellent natural response and is spotted not only on social mediums but even in real life conversations.

What does AF mean?

The acronym that exaggerates, AF is just like the abbreviations STG or JFC when it comes to its usage. AF is the abbreviated term for the phrase As F***. Whereas, you use STG and JFC when you want to put in emphasis on your sentence or convey something meaningful.

What does BMS mean?

BMS is the abbreviated term for the phrase Broke My Scale. Just where TBH is used to convey your feelings to someone, BMS is used when you want to rate someone’s beauty on the scale of 1-10. TBH and BMS are usually used together. Another abbreviation that accompanies these two is, OOTD.

2020 Best Free Music Downloaders

Music streaming services like Google Play Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Wynk, Gaana, etc. are the most popular services known to music lovers. But these apps largely depend on the internet. However, sometimes you may not have internet connectivity at all and then you mostly dependent on music files downloaded on your computer or portable device. A free music downloader comes in handy whenever you look for downloading free music from websites such torrent sites, Internet Audio Archive, Free Music Archive, etc.

What does JFC mean?

JFC is yet another F word that has created havoc in the texting world. This acronym is the abbreviated term for the phrase Jesus F****** Christ. It is used when you want to express shock or disgust for a situation you should have seen coming.

What does NSFW mean?

NSFW is the abbreviated term for the phrase Not Safe For Work. It is used when the content that you receive is not work friendly and can cause immense problems for you if you open it in front of your superiors. The abbreviation is usually placed in the subject headline (if sent via email) or the very first text if sent on a texting app.

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