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What does OOMF mean?

One of the most famous twitter hashtags, OOMF is the abbreviation for the term One Of My Followers. This acronym is used when you want to talk about someone. It can be your crush or the person you hate your guts with, by keeping their identity anonymous. The catch here is, they should also be following you back.

What does OOTD mean?

This acronym is the safe haven for fashion bloggers and self-proclaimed fashionistas. With over 30k and more hashtags on Instagram, OOTD is the abbreviated term for the phrase Outfit Of The Day.

What does SOL mean?

This is the acronym for you when your life is a mess, and things are going completely wrong. SOL is the abbreviated term for the phrase S**t Out of Luck. This acronym is used to refer to your current situation where everything is going wrong, and a haywire and the only available option for you isn't very desirable.

What does STG mean?

Just like JFC, this acronym is also one of those that uses the almighty to express your frustration. STG is the abbreviated term for the phrase Swear To God. The acronym is used when you find something utterly stupid and is equally annoying at the same time.

16 Best Free Music Download Apps for Android in 2020

4Shared, Jamendo, FMA, etc. are some legal & free music download apps for Android in raw file format. Other Android apps are SoundCloud, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Napster, Saavn, etc. which has limited features to download free music tracks. However, Music Paradise Pro is a dubious music app

Hungama Music Review – Has Potential but Too Many Options are Killing it

Hungama Music not only allows you to stream free music but also to download free unlimited music tracks. However, its free trial has limited free download option. Let’s provide you with a detailed Hungama Music review from varied perspectives such as accessibility, music library, cost, Ad experience, plan details, etc.

Saavn Review – One of Most Credible Free Music Streaming Service

Saavn is a US-based digital music distributor in 15 different languages such as English, Bollywood and other Indian regional languages. It was founded in 2007 and reach over 200 countries. It has partnered with many big companies such as Shazam, Twitter, Facebook, Sony, T-Series, Tips, Unisys, Warner, EMI and many others. Read this review about Saavn to know more.

Gaana Review – One of the best music streaming services in India

This article will provide you with detail review of Gaana from different perspectives such as collection of songs, website and application features, etc. Times Internet, a subsidiary of The Times of India Group, owns Gaana. It was launched in the year 2010. Gaana has a website as well as an application for portable gadgets on platforms like Android, Windows and iOS. Gaana features songs in 21 different languages including Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu, Odia, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, etc.

Wynk Music Review – Worthy Contender as Digital Music Distributor

Wynk music joined the bandwagon of digital music distributors in 2014 when Bharti Airtel officially launched it. But the million-dollar question remains- Why someone will use Wynk Music services if there are other players in the market and that too free of cost? Let’s provide you with a detailed Wynk Music review from varied perspectives such as website and application accessibility, music library, cost, Ad experience, etc.

6 Creative Commons Licenses you must know before you buy or sell music online

Creative Commons Licenses govern the freedom of whether a user can remix, tweak, distribute the work of another artist commercially or not. You must know these 6 licenses if you buy or sell music online.

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