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10 Most Important Landmark Events in India since Independence

India which you see today is marching ahead on its way to become a developed nation. There must be several landmarks in India post-independence which must have decisively shaped India to a welfare country. I am going to sum up ten most important milestone events in India since Independence which moulded the destiny of India where it stands today.

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Why should Every Indian Register as an Organ Donor

Alone in India, almost half a million people die every year in waiting for organs. This is a depressing statistic for a country like India where there is one death every 4 minutes due to road accidents. Death in road accidents are no good, but in a way, all those deaths can become a ray of hope to all patients waiting for organ donation.
Even if there is a slim chance of truth in after life or reincarnation, then why is it difficult for us to accept the value of creating second life after we have lived one. Yes, I am talking about organ donation.

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4 Indian Women Who Ranked in Forbes Top 100 List of The World’s Most Powerful Women

It is a matter of pride that 4 distinguished Indian women have made her place in Forbes top 100 list of the world’s most powerful women. This shows the ascent of women in India from a social framework to the business facet despite a male dominated society.

We all know, Forbes list is no joke as they have most distinguished members on their jury panel. Just to give you an idea, the Forbes top 100 list featured some of the most popular and powerful women personalities like Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, etc.

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Why Should You not Post your Kid’s Picture on Social Media?

I am the proud father of three years old son, and he is the prized possession of my life. I am sure every parent feels the same way as I do. The childhood of your cute little ones is evanescent, and it’s probably a good idea to capture every moment to cherish later.

But then what? Post your kid’s picture on social media such as Facebook or any other social media platform!

Certainly not!

You may ask, why not? Who does not want return love for their kids from people whom they know?

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Meet India’s Youngest Billionaires Who Neither Holds Engg nor MBA Degree

Back in 1998, when most of the kids, including me, could not foresee beyond high school curriculum, Turakhia brothers led the foundation of a technology company. Meet Divyank Turakhia and Bhavin Turakhia who jointly owns whooping $1.4 Billion company Directi. It is a group of several companies dealing in advertising, voice calling, web hosting, etc.

Divyank Turakhia and Bhavin Turakhia were self-taught computer geeks in late 90’s when digital world was in its early phase. The duo hailed from middle-class Mumbai based family.

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3 Questions to Deal with Procrastination – What, Why & How?

In a real sense, what is procrastination? Nowadays each one us faces a myriad of difficult tasks with stringent deadlines. We often find difficult to prioritise important tasks and end up doing tasks which are more pleasurable to us. This is called procrastinating important things which could have been done otherwise over non-essential things.

A procrastinator always stands in the firing line, likely to be panned, blamed and sometimes fired. Even from an individual point of view, procrastinating will make you feel guilty, less productive, frustrated and low.

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3 “Fake it ’til you make it” Strategies for a Successful and Happy Life

Fake it ’til you make it is nothing but imitating confidence when dealing with work, life or anything and everything. The whole idea is about daydreaming with wide open eyes and believing in yourself that you can be anything you want to be. As Mahatma Gandhi rightly said – We become, what we think. It goes without mention that you have to work harder towards your goal persistently.

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10 Steps to Increase Productivity and Sustain it

How to increase productivity? This is a pretty straightforward question, but unfortunately, there is no one-line answer. In today’s world, achieving success is not that difficult as compared to maintaining it. But for some, even achieving success is far fetched. Is it just hard work which pays off or something else? let’s find out 10 steps of achieving productivity.

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