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Bill Belichick’s Net Worth – How much is the Highest Paid Coach Worth?

According to Forbes, Bill is the highest paid coach earning a whopping $7.5 million per annum. Currently, William is the head coach of the New England Patriots. Bill Belichick’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million. Belichick is said to have been earning an average of $2 million when he worked as assistant coach for New England Patriots. When he returned later as the head coach, he got a contract of approximately $4.5 million!

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What is Harrison Ford’s Net Worth after Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

Han Solo, Indiana Jones, or Harrison Ford’s net worth is estimated to be between $230 to $245 Million. With the business of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he became the highest grosser of US-domestic box office with his movies bringing revenue of $4.7 Billion. However, he currently sits at the second rank with $4.9B while Samuel L. Jackson maintains the first position with $5.1B as per Box Office Mojo.

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What is Ludacris’ Net Worth?

Christopher Brian Bridges or Ludacris’ net worth as of now stands at $35 Million. He was featured in the Hip-Hop Cash Kings 2015 List by Forbes at #18, earning $8M that year from Movies & Albums’ revenue. This was the highest amount Ludacris has earned in a year. Sadly, he could not make it to the Forbes list in 2016 or 17. Ludacris has probably lost his way through the Music and is exploring the Hollywood industry.

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Kevin Hart’s Net Worth – Earnings from Gigs, Investments in Businesses, etc.

Kevin Hart’s Net Worth of $160 Million is probably a dream for any comedian. In 2016, he was the highest paid comedian in the world with $87.5M, surpassing the legend of comedy – Seinfeld by $44 million! Kevin’s earnings from 2016-2017 have been much less, adding only $32.5 Million in the year to his worth. Kevin has made it big in the industry, from getting booed at his stand-up gigs to hosting the Justin Bieber’s Roast.

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Bill Cosby’s Net Worth on a Toll after He faces Multiple Charges for Sexual Abuse

Bill Cosby’s net worth of over $400 Million is in complete danger, for the number of charges he faces for rape attempts and sexual abuse. Following the charge by Andrea Constand (Temple University Basketball Staffer) for molestation post drugging in 2004, as many as 47 women have come up and charged the Comedian-Actor for sexual assaults in the past decades.

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Do you know What is Salman Khan’s Net Worth?

Owing to the millions of fans from Bollywood & Tollywood, Salman Khan’s net worth has to be among the best in the industry. He supposedly has a net worth between $210-250 Million currently, that’s somewhere around 1500 Crores (INR). Sallu Bhai or Salman Khan was the 9th highest paid actor in the world according to the Forbes’ 2017 list with an earning of $37 Million that year from movies & TV Shows alone. This also makes him the 71st highest paid celebrity in the world!

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Shahrukh Khan’s Net Worth – Earnings, Endorsements, Houses & Cars

King Khan, King of Bollywood, Baadshah, SRK, or Shahrukh Khan’s net worth is estimated to be between $700-750 Million, that’s approximately 5,000 Crores INR! His estimated earnings from movies & endorsements were $38 Million for the year 2017 as per the Forbes Highest Paid Actors List 2017. This made him the 8th highest paid actor and the 65th highest paid celebrity in the world!

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What is The Undertaker’s Net Worth?

Mark William Calaway or The Undertaker’s net worth is $17 million. Out of which, his earnings from WWE, as estimated by Forbes in 2016 was $2 million. This makes him the 8th highest paid wrestler in WWE. His other earnings include investments in property, endorsements, cars, bikes, etc. Apart from that, he has a house in Austin which has a WWE Wrestling Ring too!

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What does John Cena do with his $55 Million net worth?

John Cena, The Marine, and Dr. of Thugonomics, has a net worth of nearly $55 Million! He has been able to earn so much due to his versatility in the career ranging from WWE to Movies, Music, and Production. Forbes’ 2016 earning estimate based on WWE’s public filings and booking contracts, John Cena’s earnings for the year 2016 were $8 million (from WWE), only second to Brock Lesnar’s $11 million. In this post, let’s see the salary, earnings, property, cars, etc. that add to John Cena’s net worth.

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