14 Insanely Funny Meme Costumes for Halloween

We all are quite aware of the fact how integral memes have become in our lives. The generation today have found their solace in them, and it is not even surprising that we have incorporated them as a means of communication as well. So today, if our Halloween costumes become the memes we love, it would not be that much of a shock, right? Well, it has happened! Here are the 14 insanely cool Halloween costumes that were inspired by our very beloved memes.

The Bath Bomb Meme & Controversy On Tumblr

The bath bomb challenge like it was famously known created a much-deserved havoc on Tumblr. These bath bombs were known for its beautiful colours, textures and patterns. They came in various shapes, sizes and had a lot of variety. It is a rock-solid soap, that melts automatically when they come in contact with water. That is one of the reasons why the hype existed. The simple bath bomb challenge turned into a major controversy that created a lot of troubles and fights on the internet.

The 10 Best Memes We found on Social Media

ust like the advice animal memes and the rage comics memes, there is also another group of memes that won our hearts. The Social Media Memes! These come from the videos posted by the Youtubers on their pages, a very funny commercial or from the wild party videos posted on Facebook. It is literally like the talent hunt to make the best memes on social media from the tons of funny video footage we find online.

5 Facts You Must know about Netflix and Chill Memes

The slang Netflix and Chill might be a term that we are hearing too often these days, but it dates way back to 2007. It is a term used by the teens of today when they want to hook up and well have other plans of "fun". That is how a very innocent act of watching Netflix in your most comfy pyjamas with a pizza to go is no longer about the Netflix, its all about the fun. Here are the six facts you need to know about the famous Netflix and Chill Memes.

Starter Pack Memes from Tumblr and Twitter

The trend of starter pack memes started from Tumblr and moved to other social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where people would make a starter pack for anything and everything. There is no criteria for it. People became so obsessed with it that there are pages in these social media sites purely dedicated to this meme. You can find the Famous on Facebook Starter Pack Meme, I'll wait starter pack, Indian Dad starter pack, etc.

Why You Meme? 7 Reasoning Behind People Who Create Meme

Why you meme? Memes are nothing but a social concept that gets transmitted from one generation to the other. And unlike physical legacies, memes are the virtual legacies we pass on. And whatever enters the web, stays on the internet, floating somewhere. . This is also a reason why they will remain eternal in our lives even when we are old and grey; it will still make us laugh.

10 Most Popular & Hilarious Advice Animals Memes

The advice animals memes are just as compelling and funny as the overly attached girlfriend meme or the Scumbag Steve meme. But even if you try to compete them together, the advice animal meme would take the price cos well who does not love animals?!! Most of the animal advice memes consist of either a colourful background in a circular fashion or one colour with different shades of them.

The 53 Most Popular Internet Memes of All Time

Memes are the most integral part of our lives today. Whenever we initiate a conversation or want to comment something without using many words, we can just use a meme instead that speaks for us. They are meant to be funny that it has us off our chairs but also a lot of them are serious memes that make you question all your actions. Here is the list of 53 such memes that stole our hearts by their awesomeness.

Top 10 Best Memes Ever

Given the fact that memes have made this world a much better place to survive has no arguments further, period. At least in this world where there are so much hate and controversy, one does not merely get time to laugh often. And since there are so many memes we have seen and which we will see, here is the list of the top 10 best memes ever.

How to Make a Meme? – 5 Things to Keep in Mind

A lot of times you make the perfect meme in the world which has the hilarious content ever but the only problem could be either the way it is placed or the image isn't matching the context of the meme or even the font used in it is wrong. All this together can make a disaster. There are certain things, really necessary to keep in mind while you make a meme. It is a step by step process.

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