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Doge Meme – Things You Should Know About

Doge meme also has its share of popularity. The meme became famous around the year 2010 when Reddit first discovered it and since then, is still going on with its charm. The tagline of the meme says such something, much wow. The idea behind the meme is to show amazement.

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Grumpy Cat Meme – Things You Should Know

The grumpy cat has been one of the most iconic memes in the entire meme culture. Not only can you find memes in English when it comes to the grumpy cat, but also you can discover memes in your local languages too. The cat has raised the bar everywhere.
The Grumpy cat is called by the name Tard (short for Tarder Sauce) and has gained immense fame on the world wide web.

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All You Need to Know About Overly Attached Girlfriend Meme

The Overly attached girlfriend is the meme which gained its popularity around the year 2012 along with a lot of other memes like the doge meme to name one. But the most striking thing about this meme is the expression of the girl. It became super famous, and all the Overly attached girlfriend memes were so relatable for the people who were dating and for the rest it was just funny.

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What is a Meme?

Meme, pronounced with a long e like the plant “neem” but replacing the N with the M. It is the new upcoming phenomenon which did not gain its title the meme culture until around 2008. Before that, it wasn’t that popular and even though it existed, it did not have any associated name.

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What does WBY mean?

Just like acronyms HBU, WAY, Whatup and WYD, this one is also a part of the conversation starter questions group. WBY is the abbreviated term for the phrase What About You or What Bout You. It is used when you are asking for an opinion or wellbeing or just a Sunday plan of the person on the other side or the receiving end.

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What does FTW mean?

This acronym also joins the club for more than one phrase that is equally popular. FTW is an abbreviated term for the phrases – For The Win and F*** The World. Now both these phrases have absolutely no connection whatsoever but also give out completely different vibes altogether.

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What does LLS mean?

The acronym that is an alternate slang for LOL, LMAO, ROFL, KMSL, etc. that is used when you can not control your breath anymore, and you laugh out loud. LLS is the abbreviated term for the phrase Laughing Like S***. This acronym becomes unique by the addition of “S” word.

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What does KMS mean?

This acronym is the shorter form of the acronym KMSL but means entirely different when comes to its usage. KMS is the abbreviated term for the phrase Kill Myself. This slang is used when you are utterly displeased or irritated by something or someone, and you want to express your feeling about it.

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What does HBD mean?

The acronym that has always made everybody happy and excited ever since we were kids. HBD is the abbreviated term for the phrase Happy Birthday. The most commonly used acronym when Facebook reminds you it’s your friend’s birthday, and you have to wish them.

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What does IIRC mean?

IIRC Meaning – It is the abbreviated term for the phrase If I Remember Correctly. Unlike the other answers, this one here thrives on getting their point cleared without any sort of BS involved. The reason being you might have half the idea about the topic of conversation,

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What does Touche mean?

This word here is not an acronym, but it can be considered a part of it due to its widespread usage and pure savageness. Touche is a response just like LMK or MMK, but there is a slight twist to it. When a person is countered with a brutally brilliant comeback, you use Touche as a way of showing respect to their statement and that you are now officially left with no more valid points.

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