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What does IDK mean

What does IDK mean?

This mysterious acronym is always the hardest to decipher since nobody seems to know what it means (literally). IDK is the abbreviated term for the phrase I Don’t Know. A ubiquitous phrase amongst the teenagers and usually used by literally everyone, from teens to adults. IDK along with the acronyms HRU, WYD come together in one club when it comes to its usage.
hbu meaning

What does HBU mean?

This acronym just like WAY, YW, NMU comes under the group of abbreviations that help to initiate and carry forward a conversation. HBU is the abbreviated term for the phrase How Bout You. This slang is mainly used to ask about the other person’s well-being and is considered to be one of the politer abbreviations.
what does btfo mean

What does BTFO mean?

It is yet another acronym that puts so much emphasis on the F-word. It is also the acronym that has two entirely different meanings and contexts. BTFO also owns two different phrases when it comes to the texting language and also, they have absolutely nothing in common. BTFO is the abbreviated term for the phrases – Back The F*** Off and Blown The F*** Out.
what does xoxo mean

What does XOXO mean?

Another acronym that preaches love above anything else. XOXO is the abbreviated term for hugs and kisses. If you notice the X and O in XOXO, it looks like a representation of two people hugging each other (in O), and similarly, two people kissing each other (In X). That's why the term is also a very famous signatory statement. It is very famous in chats, emails and SMSs where it is used as a way to greet someone by the end of a text or email. It signifies faith, love, sincerity and good friendship.
What does GTG mean in texting

What does GTG or G2G mean in Texting?

This acronym is also a way to greet someone or bid someone goodbye and concluding a conversation. GTG is the abbreviated term for the phrase Got to Go, or Gotta go. You can find GTG in a lot of texts, SMS, and other social media applications like Snapchat, Facebook, or even Whatsapp. This acronym is a way of saying that you would see them later and conveys your urgency to leave the conversation.
What does HML mean in texting

What does HML mean in Texting?

This acronym has basically two entirely different meanings with two entirely different contexts that have the same slang.  HML is the abbreviated term for Hate My Life as well as Hit My Line. And both of these phrases have absolutely nothing to do with each other and are at the same time pretty self- explanatory. Both of them, however, have the same form of usage. They are widely seen and recognised on social media applications in the form of texts, hashtags and status updates.

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