What is the Importance of a Lip Guard Mouthpiece on a Mouth Guard?

Our teeth are made up of multiple dental layers. One of the most robust layer of our teeth is the enamel. But that doesn’t mean that our teeth can resist any traumatic force.

Any forceful hit on the face or mouth can damage the tooth. These events are prevalent among children who play outdoor sports like football and basketball.


One of the safest ways to play such sports is to use protective devices to cover the delicate areas of your mouth. Mouth guards come handy in this situation.

A mouth guard is a protective dental appliance which covers the teeth and gums. This device protects the teeth from the consequences of an accidental hit or blows to the face. (1)

Mouthguards come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. One of the best forms among all of them is a mouth guard with a lip protector.

A lip protector is a new covering at the front of the mouth guard which protects the front two rows of the teeth and supports the lip.

The use of this specially designed mouth guard depends on the type of sport being played. Usually, lip protectors are an excellent choice for football, basketball and bike racing.

Let’s continue reading the article to learn more about mouthguards with lip protectors.

What are mouth guards?

A mouth guard is a flexible protective device which is worn over teeth while playing a sport or performing athletic or recreational activities. These devices are often custom fitted. (2)

Typically, a mouth guard has a fixed anterior bridgework which protects the teeth and gums from traumatic forces. Mouth guards are an excellent source of teeth protection for athletic children who wear braces.

Some of the benefits of using a mouth guard may include –

  • Uninterrupted speech and breathing
  • A suitable fitting device which forms a firm barrier between the teeth and the soft tissue
  • Highly comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable and can be used again
  • Has good resilience and tear resistance

Who should wear a mouth guard?

Mouth guards are a universal device and can be worn by children as well as adults. Mouth guards are mainly used by athletic people who play contact sports like football, basketball, hockey, and boxing. (3)

People who participate in recreational activities like skateboarding and mountain biking can also use mouth guards. For medical reasons, people wear mouth guards to protect the teeth from bruxism.

Why do you need a lip guard mouthpiece on a mouth guard?

Often while playing a contact sport, people think about oral injuries and cracked teeth. Recent studies have shown that 90% of the injuries that occur while playing contact sport are related to soft tissues including the lip, upper teeth, surrounding gums, and oral tissue.

Wearing a mouth guard with a lip protector significantly reduces the risk of soft tissue injuries in such cases. The shock-absorbing material of the lip protector acts as a cushion between the teeth and the soft tissue.

Moreover, it supports the surrounding oral tissues and protects them from serious injury. (4)

Mouth guards with lip protectors come in two styles –

  • Stock mouth guard – this type of mouth guard is performed and has a lip protector attached in the front which provides an extra layer of protection. However, stock mouth guards are uncomfortable and inconvenient to wear.
  • Custom-fit mouth guard – custom-fitted mouth guards are the best choice for a person who is looking for comfort and durability. These mouth guards are made according to the individual’s jaw size, and a lip protector is attached to support the oral tissue. (5)

What is the cost of a mouth guard with a lip protector?

Stock mouth guards are usually cheap and cost around $2-$15. These mouth guards can be easily bought from a drug store or a sports shop.

Custom fitted mouth guard require extra work and labor to adjust the size of the individual’s jaw. Hence, these mouth guards are a little expensive and may cost around $190 – $500.

Whichever style of mouth guard you may choose; it will always be a good investment for an extended period. Furthermore, it will protect your teeth and save you from the misery of undergoing dental treatments.

How to take care of the mouth guard?

Now that you know what type of mouth guard to buy, it’s time to look at some tips to keep them clean. Follow the steps given below to maintain a clean and hygienic mouth guard –

  • Rinse the mouth guard with cold water before and after each use. You can also use soap or toothpaste for thorough cleaning.
  • To store the mouth guard, put it in a clean perforated container. The perforations allow proper ventilation and keep the mouth guard fresh and clean.
  • Never put the mouth guard out under extreme temperatures as they may change their shape and fit. Always store them at a cool place.
  • You can take your mouth guard to the regular dental visits for examination by the dentist. The dentist can determine any damage or need for a replacement if required.

Take away message

Teeth and gums are an essential part of your mouth. Any damage to these oral tissues can cause a waste of energy, time and money.

While playing a sport or participating in outdoor recreational activities, the first thing that should come to your mind is oral tissue protection.

Mouth guards are an innovative dental appliance that helps to protect the teeth and gums from traumatic blows or injuries especially among children who play contact sports.


One of the best varieties of mouth guards is the one with a lip protector. An extra protective layer for lips and oral tissue support helps to provide extensive coverage and adequate protection against oral injuries.

You can choose the best mouth guard from different styles available in the market. Always remember to keep the mouth guard clean to use it for a long time. Take advice from your dentist for any replacements if required.


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