How to Make Chrome Full Screen?

You may like Google Chrome in full screen mode to see more of its content. Chrome full-screen mode also enables you to see the complete website in one window. Nowadays, almost all site is mobile responsive, and the moment the browser window is restored other than the full-screen mode, the web page is skewed into its mobile version.

Do not get me wrong, the full screen mode of Chrome does not facilitate more prominent texts or zoomed picture. The whole change is around how a web page is stacking its page elements.


How to enable Chrome full screen mode?

Method 1 – Via keyword shortcut

If you are using Windows operating system, you can click F11 key to enable Chrome in full screen mode. Whereas, you have to use Command+Control+F as keyword shortcut on Mac OS. You can press the same combination of keywords to disable Google Chrome full screen mode.

Method 2 – Via Chrome browser

On Mac OS, there are three small circles on the left side of the Chrome browser. Pressing Green circle will enable or disable full screen mode. Similarly, on Windows OS, similar options are on the right-hand side of the browser window. Just click on the full screen button to accomplish full screen mode.

Method 3 – Via Chrome settings

  • Click the right-hand side Chrome menu, which looks like three vertically stacked dots.
  • Look for zoom You will find the full screen and restore option beside zoom “+” and “–” option.

I would not go for this method since other two ways are simple and convenient. Anyways, my job is to make this information available for you.

How to Zoom Chrome pages

Sometimes, you just wish to zoom in Google Chrome page for better reading and viewing purposes. Chrome has zoom option which works in full screen as well as in restore mode. Let’s see the steps.

  • Open the Chrome menu.
  • Look for Zoom option in the drop-down menu and click the “+” button to enlarge the page contents. You can zoom in up to 500 percent. Click the “-” button to reduce the content of the page.

Also, you can also use keyboard shortcuts to enlarge or reduce page content. Just hold the CTRL key (on a Window PCor CMD key (on a MacBook) and press the “+” or “-” key to zoom in and out respectively.


MacBook has terrific mouse trackpad where you can pinch in and out to accomplish zoom functionality. Same can be done on with latest Windows laptops.


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