Master P Net Worth: How much is the legend worth today?


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Master P net worth is a massive $250 million. Master P’s total assets figures have been earned through the offer of his music and visits considering some of his collections have been triple and four times platinum confirmed. Another of Master P total assets promoter is his different organisations and speculations not overlooking his parts in movies and network shows. He is one of the wealthiest figures on the hip-hop scenes.

The story of Master P:

Known as Percy Robert Miller, Master P is the president-CEO and author of No Limit Records and Better Black Television. Add to that; he is additionally the author of P. Miller Enterprises, which is an amusement and also budgetary combination, which is one wellspring of Master P total assets.

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He turned out to be considerably more known on account of his record organisation No Limit since it presented what Southern Rap sound is about. The business appeared to be in fortunes’ side as it relaunched itself in 2011.

Money related issues emerged when he and his ex-wife had a warmed exchange over tyke bolster wherein Master P needed to pay $271 million a month as his kid support share for his four minor youngsters.

On account of the endless organisations his music tycoon has, it comes as an unexpected that he positioned tenth on the 1998 Forbes’ list of America’s 40 most generously compensated performers.

In one of his melodies, “99 Ways to Die,” rapper/CEO Master P has this line: “I’m not only your regular rapper, but I’m also a business visionary.” Before the age of 30, Master P had made his place as a hip-hop recording artist, a filmmaker, and the proprietor of the most significant autonomous record mark in the business, No Limit Records, powerhouse maker of southern-affected gangsta rap collections.

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In 1997 Master P earned an announced $56.5 million, and Forbes Magazine set Master P in the Number Ten spot on its list of the most generously compensated performers for that year.

His positioning placed him merely behind the Rolling Stones and in front of stimulation notables Celine Dion, the Spice Girls, Puff Daddy, and Will Smith in income for that year.

In 1998, MP Da Last Don, charged as Master P’s last collection, appeared, and it sold right around 500,000 collections the central week and soared to the leading position on Billboard’s graphs.

Be that as it may, it was by all account not the only illustrative of the name’s yield: five different collections delivered by No Limit Records were on Billboard’s best ten rundowns that month.


He opened a record store; No Limit Records in the late 1980s. He at that point transformed the store into record mark and created himself as well as other people in mid-1990s. Afterwards, he established No Limit Film, No Limit Sports Management.

He wound up glad proprietor of different organisations including a Foot Locker establishment, a service station, travel office and land. Master P played basketball for the Fort Wayne Fury in 1998 and went for the Charlotte Hornets in 1999.

He has collections and solo releases as a solo artist, to be specific, The Ghetto’s Tryin’ to Kill Me (1994), Ice Cream Man (1996), 99 Ways to Die (1995), MP Da Last Don (1998), Ghetto D (1997).

After 1997, Master P was seen in numerous movies, and in network shows. His movie vocation incorporates Uncle P, Uncle Willy’s Family, Soccer Mom, Gone in 60 Seconds, Toxic, Foolish, and I Got the Hook-Up.

Moreover, he released collections as a significant aspect of the gathering TRU. Master P was additionally found in films; correctly, I’m ‘Session It, Foolish, MP Da Last Don, Takedown, I Got the Hook-Up.

Master P’s House

Master P has a house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana which was once included in MTV Cribs. Besides this, he has a few different homes crosswise over various states.


He claims a Cameleon Impala/Caprice.

Master P philanthropy, gifts and altruism

In 1999 Master P made three donations that aggregate to $500,000 with an end goal to keep his place of graduation St. Monica Elementary School from shutting down.

Master P and his child Romeo established the Take A Stand Records name in 2007. The name centres around hip bounce tunes sans the hostile verses and concentrate more on energy. Continues were utilised to help underprivileged youth grants.

Amid that year Master P opened “P. Mill operator Youth Centers” in a modest bunch of states. These adolescent focuses accompany a library and exercise room. In the meantime, his P. Mill operator Food Foundation for the Homeless helped the individuals who are without a home.

In 2008 he turned into an official board individual from secondary school Joel John Scholastic Academy after his numerous endeavours in keeping the school open.

The father and child team would later unite in holding the “Let the Kids Grow Day” in 2008. The occasion showed kids different points of intrigue, for example, instruction, reusing, regard, and evading groups and medications.

The young ones were additionally given vocation direction so they can undoubtedly get ready for their future ways. Kids were urged to pen an article about the significance of training, with ten picked victors were given $500.

To enable better to speak with the youngsters Master P and Romeo thought of the toon character Gee the Giraffe.

After two years he collaborated with philanthropy One Million Gifts to dress and encourage a million people for that year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Master P and Romeo facilitated the wellbeing effort of association. It’s Time Kids which was held in Los Angeles, California in 2010.

Master P’s little girl Cymphonique was among the numerous prominent name visitors who joined the school visit. The battle tried to advance proper dieting and exercise to kids and showed them to fend off stoutness and undesirable ways of life.

In 2014 he partook in the “Fundamental abilities Basketball Camp” occasion in St. Louis, Missouri. The incident helped kids understand their potential through inspiration and educating of fundamental abilities.


Master P total assets is an impression of how important his music, film and business profession has been throughout the years and the way that he is still not hinting at any backing off we can expect even a higher total assets figure in 2018.

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