23 Math Games to play at CoolMath4Kids

Playing mathematics-related games can help a child build basic math skills, which further develop into logical, reasoning, and analytical skills.

Now, Cool Math 4 kids is a great portal to play math games, learn concepts, play quizzes, brain teasers, etc.


Therefore, in this post, let’s see the various types of math games to be played on the website:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Others

Almost all the games have a character you have to help win, by solving some basic mathematics problems.

Addition Games on Coolmath4kids

For example, in the above game, you are supposed to give the right answer to the problem of adding to help the puppies win the race.

You can play the following games on the portal:

Addition Games

Subtraction Games

Multiplication Games

I have mentioned about Grand Prix game in my post on Cool Math For Kids, it follows a similar pattern in the game, you have to accelerate the car by answering the questions correctly. Once you finish the game, you get an analysis on your percentage of accuracy in answering questions and the questions you could not answer right.


Multiplication Games at Coolmath4kids portal

This gives a basic idea about a kid, the kind of questions he’s not able to answer. Thus, getting to understand the ares of improvement.

Below are some other games to play:

Division Games


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