Mckayla Maroney's Net Worth

The artistic gymnast from America, McKayla Maroney’s net worth stands at $4 Million. Maroney has tasted success at a very young age. She started quite early and has been doing gymnastics right from the age of four.

McKayla Rose Maroney’s Career

The very talented Maroney has won a gold medal for her team in London Olympics and a silver medal at the Vault Event during the Summer Olympics of 2012. Gym-Max’ at Costa Mesa, California has been the starting point for her as a young child.

She continues to gather immense success since the Visa Championships in 2009 and World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in 2011 till date. However, due to health issues she had to give Rio Olympics a miss.

She is a career-oriented person refraining from other involvements. The career of her graph looks progressive, and she has been unstoppable ever since she started.

Topping the headlines:

The gymnast has gathered much attention through her decision denying to get any ‘lip injections’, her “not impressed” pose and posting a divulging video that seems questionable online. The US president Barack Obama had also been seen with Maroney posing “not-impressed” the same way. Recently she has blamed the former doctor of her team, Larry Nassar for which she is said to be bribed for remaining silent.

Earnings adding to Mckayla Maroney’s net worth

Mckayla is one of the youngest players in the ‘gymnastics world’ has had. She has earned a considerable amount of money that is big in numbers and has had a fairly successful career so far. She has maximum earnings from her career as ‘gymnast’. Various advertisements and endorsements (Adidas) also add up to it.

Fun Facts about McKayla

  1. ‘Tarzan’ was her inspiration
  2. Her debut song is named ‘Ghost’
  3. She has claimed ten international medals of which 90% is gold
  4. Maroney has been a part of Olympic Games at London (2012), Tokyo World Championship (2011), National Championship (2011) at Saint Paul
  5. She was also seen in the TV series ‘Hart of Dixie’ in 2012, ‘Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me’, ‘Superstore’ and the Fox TV show ‘Bones’
  6. She judged Miss America Pageant
  7. Mckayla was also part of the popular videos ‘Thirty Seconds to Mars’ and ‘Up in the Air’
  8. She also has a good sense of humour and has proven that by making fun of herself on social media when she posted a ‘scowling’ face picture of her with two other gymnasts. It was based on the same meme that the Twitterati created for her #notimpressed pose


Maroney is in a vibrant phase, and luck has been good on her side. She has a lot more to achieve and a long way to go. As far as Mckayla Maroney’s Net Worth is concerned, we believe that it can grow to 10x considering she’d be only 23 years old in 2018.

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