Me Gusta Meme – Know Why it is a Popular Meme

The Me Gusta guy, as it is popularly known, is part of the famous rage comics that also happens to be the very first stepping stone to the meme culture. This meme came out along with memes like the fuuuuu guy, the forever alone guy and also the Y U NO Guy.

These memes became the faces of the public portraying the day to day lives in the form of funny caricatures. It takes a very creative man that can make your life and question at the very same time.


The origin story of the Me Gusta guy

The Me Gusta guy is a part of the rage comics as mentioned above and these facial expressions make up the rage faces. It was around the year 2004, where a site named 4chan that was equally popular like Reddit, helped the rage faces to gain its stardom in the virtual world.

It was however according to the sources revealed that me gusta guy was first made by a Reddit user named Insert who later posted it on 4chan.

The popularity of these Rage comics kept increasing ever since then, and it did not just stay limited to Reddit and 4chen but also came to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr as well.

What does the Me Gusta guy signify?

Me Gusta is a Spanish term that translates to It pleases me, or I like it, in English. This particular rage face is used when you find something of utmost pleasure in a very disgusting, awkward and disturbing situation.

The Me Gusta face is also in a lot of ways the creepy guy who will keep staring at you with a grin on their face almost as if they will steal your ice cream from you.

Though the expression is supposed to give out a definite meaning, it somehow just ends up giving you the creeps.

The meme looks a lot like the animated version of the overly attached girlfriend in a lot of ways. This meme has a big round face with no hair. He has his eyes blood red and wide open, almost bulging out. His mouth is closed with a wide grin, and he has the creases on the forehead the enhances his expression of well pure creepy. The face is then accompanied by the words ME GUSTA in big, red and bold letters.

The Me Gusta guy usually comes at the end of the rage comics.


These comics are usually seen a lot on Buzzfeed, Facebook pages, Tumblr, Pinterest and even Reddit since these sites still recognise and also post rage guy comics.


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