Melania Trump Net Worth
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Melania Trump, Wife of President Donald Trump, has an estimated net worth of around $50 million in total.

She is a former model and a very famous one to top it off. Melania is a child model and saw a career in modelling until she married Donald Trump and became the First Lady.

Early Life

Melania Trump who was born with the name Melanija Knavs on 26th April 1970 in Slovenia is the wife of the current President of the US, Donald Trump and also the First Lady. Melania loved fashion from a very young age, participating in children’s fashion show. She is a drop out from the University of Ljubljana where she was pursuing architecture and design. Melania and Trump married in 2005, and the two have a son named Barron Trump.

Earnings included in Melania Trump Net Worth

His Modeling career

  • Melania started modelling when she was just five years old
  • Her first professional commercial as a model was at the age of sixteen for a photographer called ‘Stane Jerko.’
  • At 18, Melania was signed to an agency for Modeling in Milan, Italy
  • In 1995, at one of her shows in Milan, Melania met Paolo Zampolli who played a significant role in her move to New York City to pursue her career in Modeling
  • In 1996, Melania moved to New York and worked for almost seven weeks as a paid freelance model after which she was allowed to work in the US
  • Melania appeared on the covers of Magazines such as New York Magazine, Vogue, In Style and Vanity Fair

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Movie and TV

  • Melania made an appearance in the film ‘Zoolander’ in 2001
  • She appeared on the commercial of the insurance company called ‘Aflac.’
  • Melania was a co-host of the show ‘The View’ and ‘The Apprentice.’

Being the First Lady

  • Melania took her place as the first lady on 20th January 2017 and moved to the White House after her son completed his class that year
  • She was honoured by Slovenia in 2017 as they introduced a brand of wine by the name ‘First Lady’


  • Melania currently lives with her husband Donald Trump and their children in the premises of the White House

Vehicle collection

She is mostly chaperoned in the official car of the White House, but some cars that her husband owns are:

  • Rolls Royce 50s Silver Cloud
  • A Cadillac Escalade
  • A Lamborghini
  • A Tesla
  • Mercedes Benz S600

Endorsements and ventures

  • She made the front covers of many famous magazines
  • She also had a Jewelry Line called ‘Melania Timepieces & Jewellery’ which brought in almost $50,000 in 2016
  • Melania owns a skincare line called ‘Melania Marks Skincare’ which made around $1 million in its first year of launching
  • She is also a watch designer
  • Her Designer wedding dress by Christian Dior was worth $200,000

Social Work

  • Melania supports the cause of Anti- Bullying
  • Melania has co-hosted social events
  • She supports Children and loves visiting hospitals and sick children
  • She supports the Wounded Warriors Project and the Paralyzed Veterans of America
  • Melania supports causes relating to Physical Challenges, Veteran, Children, and Health


The First Lady was famous before she married Trump and is still considered a Style Icon. She can also speak four languages namely English, Italian, German and French. What she has in store for the United States and the World, on the whole, will unfold as the year passes. But as of now, Melania is doing her best helping young children all over the world as part of her duty being First Lady.

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