8 Famous Meme Generator Tools

When the meme culture came in, it gave us a ray of hope in humanity. Due to its creativity and wit, there is absolutely nobody that wouldn’t enjoy reading a meme or two. The time they started gaining popularity, it was only possible for a few people actually create a meme and post them to the world. Some of these were Reddit and 4chan. But today not only can we create our memes but we can also share our memes to the world. It is made possible due to the creation of meme generator sites that are reliable and user-friendly.

#1. Imgur

It is considered the most reliable and creative site for the Reddit users. Imgur is an in-house meme maker that can be used to make memes.

imgur meme generator

It gives you a variety of options to choose from with the help of a list that consists of the templates of the existing memes. You can either use that or create an entirely new type.

#2. Livememe

This website is also very user-friendly.

livememe creator

It also lets you choose from a variety of images and fonts for your perfect meme and then enables you to post directly on Reddit with the help of a share button.

#3. Memegenerator.net

This one is also one of the most popular options for meme makers. The website lets you check out the memes that have been made by others and also gives you a variety of options to create your own.


It’s like the social media for memes!

#4. Rage comic builder

The rage comics are one of the oldest and the most famous memes. Some of the famous rage comics are me gusta and the rage guy.

Rage Comic Builder meme maker

This website lets you make your rage comic.

#5. Quickmeme

This website just like the meme generator can also be called the social media for memes. So you can not only make custom memes and general memes but also surf through the most trending ones too.


This way you can always be up to date.  This website, however, has been banned from Reddit for allegedly gaming their voting system.

#6. Memedad

This website was created after Reddit banned quickmeme.


Memedad is watermark and ad-free and at the same time has a very similar layout to that of Livememe specially designed for Reddit.


DIYLOL is the abbreviated term for the phrase Do It Yourself Laugh Out Loud. This website lets you upload your memes with captions and also enables you to rate other memes.

DIYLOL meme website

They also do have their app for iPhone.

#8. Troll.me

This website is also just like another meme creating site where you can make an account and generate your memes.



Also, at the same time, you can go through what memes others have created.


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