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Michael Bivins’ net worth as of today is estimated to be around $40 Million. The American Rapper, Singer and the Music Entrepreneur has created the majority of his worth from Albums & Performances with the groups R&B New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe. He was also the Co-Founder of these two groups. Apart from music, Bivins has also played many parts in movies and the famous video game GTA: San Andreas.

Michael Lamont Bivins was born in 1968 in Boston, Massachusetts. His music career started with a collaboration among Ricky Bell, Bobby Brown, Ronnie DeVoe and Ralph Tresvant to form the R&B Group called New Edition.

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Since then, Michael Bivins’ career has been nothing but a roller coaster ride. From the band breaking up, to forming a new one, to problems among the group, to the reunion of the band! He has seen it all.

Earnings adding to Michael Bivins’ Net Worth


After the inception of New Edition, Michael Bivins and other band members became popular in the R&B and Pop Culture. Some of the first few hits of the band include Candy Girl, Mr Telephone Man, Cool It Now, etc.

Soon, Bobby Brown broke apart from the band and went solo. He married Whitney Houston and was one of the most famous R&B Sensation in the late 1980s.

Even Michael Bivins started working on side projects with Ricky Bell and Ronnie DeVoe and founded Bell Biv DeVoe. With Public Enemy Producers, BBD launched its first album called Poison on MCA Records. The record got revenue of $4M and reached #5 on the Billboard 200 Charts in 1990.

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Since then, Michael Bivins’ net worth has been on the rise. He did the following other albums in his career, earning him in millions:

  • Candy Girl
  • New Edition (Total Earnings – $2M)
  • All for Love (Earnings – $1M)
  • Under the Blue Moon ($500,000)
  • Heart Break ($2M)
  • Home Again (Reunion with New Edition, $2.1M)
  • One Love
  • Poison
  • Hootie Mack ($500,000)
  • BBD
  • Three Stripes (2017)

Apart from creating the above music, he was the Creative Consultant for Diddy’s “Making the Band” in Season 4. Also, he has been a host at the TNT’s Running the point with Michael Bivins.

Movies & TV

Bivins has acted in small roles in many films such as girls Trip, Crossover, etc. He has also been a writer for a few movies and TV shows such as Beverly Hills, 90210, 40 days and 40 nights, etc.

Though not adding much to his worth from acting, Bivins has been a great businessman and entrepreneur.


Michael Bivins loves working off-stage too. He likes to get involved in the managerial job of the bands such as wardrobes, stage shows, appearances, etc.

He owns the following other companies or records:

  • Co-Founder of New Edition & Bell Bil DeVoe
  • He founded the Biv 10 Records, distributed by Motown. He has worked with many artists such as MC Brains, Another Bad Creation, Boyz II Men (Which sold 1M copies), and 702.
  • CEO and Founder of Sporty Rich Enterprises which is a lifestyle brand for Music, Entertainment, and Fashion.


Michael Bivins’ net worth of $40M is a hard work of over four decades! Apart from the dollars, Michael Bivins and his band members laid the foundation of R&B and Pop Culture, which paved the way for other famous bands such as Backstreet Boys.

Bivins lives a humble life and cares for his friends and family. In an interview, he supported and defended Bobby Brown when asked whether he should be blamed for the death of Whitney Houston.

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