Michael Buffer Net Worth
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Michael Buffer is known for announcing in the boxing ring and is one of the most famous announcers of all time. His estimated total net worth is said to be around $400 million and his per event earning seems to be an amount from $25,000-$68,000 which sometimes, on rare occasions can go up to almost $1 million a night. His signature dialogue is, ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!’ and he has even trademarked that phrase and now if someone even uses the phrase in any way have to pay him a considerable amount for it! How cool is that?

Let’s now see a few details as to how this mogul has made so much of money?

Early Life

Michael Buffer was born on 2nd November 1944, in Pennsylvania. His brother Bruce Buffer is UFC’s official ring announcer. Before his career as the boxing match announcer, Michael was a salesman.

He even tried to get into modelling but realised that he had a great way of interacting with the crowd and grasping their attention, hence become a boxing ring announcer. He has married thrice and is the father of two kids.

Earnings included in Michael Buffer Net Worth of $400M

Her Career in Boxing

  • His first job in the boxing world as an announcer was under Bob Arum of ESPN
  • After that, he became part of the most famous and successful TV event WWF (World Wrestling Federation)
  • WWF helped raise his career, and as his fame spread across the world, Michael also hired to announce other sports such as UFC, NBA and Stanley Cup
  • Michael has been an announcer at many world famous sports such as the Grand Prix and Indianapolis 500 in 1999.
  • He has also announced fights in casinos owned by the US President, Donald Trump
  • Michael has hosted famous contests of UFC fighters such as Floyd Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor
  • The 2017 fight between Joshua and Klitschko earned Buffer a sum of $4 million. The previously mentioned has been one of the biggest matches that he has announced
  • At present, he is the official announcer for ESPN and RTL’s ‘HBO Boxing’

His Movie and TV career

Michael has made appearances in around 15 films and maybe more and played roles in many famous animated TV sitcoms as well.

  • Creed- 2015
  • Game over-2003
  • You Don’t Mess with the Zohan-2008
  • Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star-2003
  • Rocky V-2005
  • Against the ropes-2004
  • Grudge Match- 2013
  • The Bold and Beautiful
  • Ready to Rumble-2000
  • Clayfighter
  • 2012
  • The Simpsons
  • South Park
  • He did the opening act for ‘American Idol’
  • America’s next top model

Assets, Endorsements and Ventures

  • He has made toys and ‘Ready to Rumble’ video games whose sales have made the mogul a lot of money. He was paid around $100 million by Midway video company to get the license for his famous phrase for their video games.
  • He earned around $400 million just by trademarking his phrase in 2009
  • He owns a home in Los Angeles California and has a wide collection of cars too

Social Work

He has attended and given speeches at many charity events and helped raise money

  • He recently was the host for the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian awards in 2017


Buffer, whose career revolves around his voice, has come a long way irrespective of being diagnosed with throat cancer in 2008. He was back in the ring as soon as he was feeling well. He is a strong person has also fought in the Vietnam War for the USA. He has made announcing such an actual career with his skills and even earned tons of money from it. Ring announcing saw a new future when Buffer came into the screen.

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