How Many Kilometers in a Mile? Conversion Formula for Miles to Km

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The measurement of an object from one end to another along a straight line is called its length. Kilometer and Mile are two popular units of length which are used worldwide. But do you know how many kilometers in a mile? Given these units are so popular, it may be essential at times for you to know how you can convert miles to kilometers (miles to km) and vice-versa.

To convert a length from the miles to km, multiply it with 1.6. And for converting a distance from kilometer to mile just multiply it with 0.62.


The abbreviation of the mile is mi or m, and the symbol of the kilometer is km.

Conversion calculator of miles to km (miles to kilometer)

To convert any length or distance from miles to kilometers you can take the help of the conversion calculator given above.

Conversion formula – how many kilometers in a mile

To know how many kilometers in a mile, you need to use following conversion formula.

1 mile= 1.609 kilometers.

Lets say you jog 3 miles every day and want to know how many units of kilometers you are covering. To know the equivalent value in kilometers, you can use the above formula.

3 miles = (1.609×3) kilometers= 4.827 kilometers.

You can use the factor 1.6 instead of 1.609 to remember it easily but be aware of the deviation from the actual value.

Conversion formula of kilometers to miles

The formula to convert kilometers to miles is as follows
1 Kilometer= 0.621 mile.

Let us assume, a known distance is equal to 19 kilometers, and you want to know the corresponding mile (or miles) figure. So using the conversion formula of kilometers to miles, you get

19 kilometers= (19×0.621) miles=11.799 miles=11.80 miles (approximately).
Isn’t that simple.

What is a mile?

Mile is one of the historical units of measurement of length and is equal to 1709.344 meters. This unit is the standard measurement of a mile.
Also, 1 mile= 5280 feet=1760 yards (Yard is a unit of linear measurement.

1 Yard=3 feet.)

The symbol of the mile is mi or m.


The concept of ‘mile’ has been originated from the ‘Roman mile. At that time, one roman mile used to be equal to one thousand paces, where one pace was equal to 5 feet. And thus 5000 Roman feet used to denote one Imperial Roman mile.

After the decades of usage, finally, the international agreement standardized one mile as precisely equal to 1709.344 meters.

Apart from the fundamental unit ‘Mile,’ there are other types of miles too which were mainly popular in the ancient times. These historical miles are

  • Italian Mile- one Italian mile is equal to one Roman mile or mile.
  • Arabic Mile-One Arabic mile lies between 1.8 km and 2.0 km.
  • English mile- One English mile is equal to 1.9 km.
  • Welsh mile-One welsh mile is equal to 3 miles or 6.17km.
  • Scots mile-One scots mile is equal to 1.81 km.
  • Irish mile -1 Irish mile=2.048 kilometers.
  • Dutch mile- 1 Dutch mile= 5 km (approximately).

This unit is used worldwide. But it is more popular in Liberia, Myanmar, United Kingdom and the United States.


  • A mile is a top-rated unit for the distance measurement.
  • Sailors and air navigators use nautical miles which is equal to 1.151 miles.
  • It helps in calculating the various geographic miles which are based on the latitudes and longitudes of the earth.

What is km?

A kilometer is the unit of length in the metric system. This unit is used all over the world for measuring geographic distances, lengths etc.


1 kilometer = 1,000 meters=about 0.62 miles.

The International Bureau of weights and measure use this unit as standard to measure the length of an object.

The symbol of Kilometer is km.


On 8th May 1790, the French Academy of Sciences developed a new measurement system which was named as ‘Millaire’ in August 1793. The name ‘Kilometer’ has been descended from this name ‘Millaire’.


  • It is used to measure the distance between two places, Highways etc.
  • It is a widespread unit to measure any lengths on the medium range.

A quick lookup: Conversion table of miles to km

Mile(or Miles) Kilometer(or Kilometers)
1 1.6093
2 3.2187
3 4.8280
4 6.4374
5 8.0467
6 9.6561
7 11.2654
8 12.8748
9 14.4841
10 16.0934
50 80.4672
100 160.9344

Interesting facts to know – how many kilometers in a mile

  • A Sheppey distance is defined as the closest distance to keep a sheep picturesque. One Sheppey is about 7/8 of a mile.
  • There are 63360 inches in a mile.
  • The escape velocity (The minimum speed required to overcome the gravitational pull completely) of Earth is equal to 25,000 miles per hour.
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