Missy Elliot Net Worth

The American Rapper, dancer and record producer, Missy Elliot is worth $50 million. The ‘Work It’ star, earns a salary of estimated $4 million annually. She also makes millions from her endorsement deals, concert tours and her small appearances in film and TV shows.

Early Life

Melissa Arnette Elliot was born in Portsmouth, Virginia. She grew up in an active choir family and wished to be a performer when she was just four. Elliott had a difficult childhood.

Her mother was a victim of domestic abuse by her father, and on various occasions, they both were threatened to be killed by him. Hoping to end the situation, Elliot’s mother ran off with her daughter, when she was fourteen and found refuge at a family member’s house. It made the mother and the daughter stronger. Elliot attended Woodrow Wilson High School, Virginia.



Elliot began the music career by forming an all-female R&B group Sista. Soon collaborated with her childhood friend Timbaland in the early 90s and worked on projects for Aaliyah, 702, Total and SWV. After her performance in various stages and projects, she released her debut album Supa Dupa Fly in 1997 and made it to #3 spot on the Billboard 200.

After the success of her debut album, Elliot worked on her next albums and had released about six albums including Da Real World, Miss E… So Addictive, Under Construction, This is Not a Test and The Cookbook.

Elliot became a music icon internationally with hits including Get your Freak on, One Minute Man, 4 My People, Gossip Folks and Work it.

Missy Elliott has been nominated for over 20 various awards and has won eight Awards including ASCAP Film and Television Award, Grammy Awards and MTV Video Music Awards.

Films, TV Shows and Concerts

She has also appeared in movies and made guest appearances on various TV shows. She has appeared in around six films including a documentary about her. Elliot has appeared in over 14 TV shows including All That, Family Matters, Eve, My Super Sweet 16, What Chilli Wants, The Voice and Star.

Missy Elliot has gone on numerous concert tours like Missy Elliot: Live in Concert, Europe Tour, Lilith Fair Tour, Hip Hop: Don’t Stop Tour and Unbreakable World Tour.

Missy Elliot Net Worth

The rapper and a producer Missy Elliot’s net worth is $50 million, and she earns a salary of $4 million annually.  Elliot made it to the #1 spot on People With Money’s top 10 highest-paid rappers in 2018.

House, Cars and Sneakers

Missy Elliot owns a 15,000 sq ft house in Virginia which she purchased for her mother. She also has another 6,300 sq. ft. Residence in Kinnelon, New Jersey.

In 2014, Missy Elliot sold her 4,740 sq ft house with four bedrooms and five bathrooms house for $1.45 million.

Missy has quite an extensive collection of cars. When it comes to cars, there’s no ‘too many’ for Missy. She owns a variety of luxurious vehicles including Lamborghini Diablo, Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, Ferrari, Rolls Royce Phantom and Bentley Continental GT.

Missy Elliot is crazy about collecting sneakers and is reported to have over 2000 pairs of them.


Elliot has made endorsement deals with various companies including Coca-cola, Sprite,  Virgin mobile, Gap, M.A.C Cosmetics, Doritos Collision, Diet Pepsi, Jeep Commander and her own Adidas clothing line “Respect M.E.”


Not just a rapper, Missy Elliot is a widely famous philanthropist too. She has been a part of various philanthropic activities, and her major focus is on creating awareness on HIV/AIDS among various other charitable activities.

In 2002, she wrote a letter on behalf of PETA to the mayor of her hometown, asking that all shelter animals be spayed before being adopted.

In 2004, she entered into a partnership with MAC Cosmetics to promote their Viva Glam campaign along with which Elliot promoted MAC Viva Glam V Lipstick, whose 100% sale proceeds went to the MAC AIDS fund.

To generate HIV awareness, Elliot, along with Beyonce and Alicia keys announced a proposal of 100 free tickets to their 2004 nationwide tour for those willing to take an HIV screening to test.

In 2007, Elliot appeared on an ABC’s Extreme Makeover and awarded four scholarships for a weight loss program to four underprivileged teens.

The proceeds from her “Misdemeanor Lipstick” were given to Break the Cycle, a non-profit organisation that works to eradicate domestic violence in young individuals.


When Missy Elliott was young, she always had a fear that no one would take her seriously because she had always been a class clown. Even with a rough childhood, Elliott managed to focus on her music, and today she is one of the best Female Rapper out there with a huge fan base worldwide!

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