The 53 Most Popular Internet Memes of All Time

The 53 Trending and Most Popular Memes of All Time

Memes are the most integral part of our lives today. Whenever we initiate a conversation or want to comment on something without using many words, we can just use a meme instead that speaks for us.

They are meant to be funny that it has us off our chairs, like the Starter Pack Memes or Me Gusta Meme. But, a lot of them are serious memes that make you question all your actions.

Usually, memes can be anything ranging from comic character, movie references, song references or even just a statement you find on the cars.

That’s how far the creativity goes for meme-makers; the sky is the limit. The Twitterati and other Peeps on Social Media have taken the meme-game to a whole new level.

In fact, the Bath Bomb Meme gained so much traction on Tumblr that it sparked controversy, especially among the SJWs.

If you wish to create memes on your own, you should check out some of the famous meme generator tools.

Now, here is the list of 53 popular memes that stole our hearts by their awesomeness –

The Condescending Wonka

Best condescending wonka meme

Just like the name suggests, this meme is used when you want to be sarcastic to someone.

It is inspired by the character Willy Wonka from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory that came in the year 1971.

The meme became extremely popular 2010 onwards.

The Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cat meme

The image that turned into a web sensation in 2012 was a photograph posted on Reddit by a client. The photo of the feline depicted an extremely consummate human feeling of nauseating.

The picture soon became part of the meme culture and is still exceptionally well known.

Pepe The Frog

best pepe the frog meme

This meme firstly originated from a comic by Matt Furie was known as Boy’s club. It started gaining popularity when people began noticing the art and soon added their ideas to it.

The comic character now became the famous meme as more and more people started sharing it in the year 2008 until now.

Anant Ambani Speech

anant ambani meme

This one is probably the most controversial meme of 2017. This meme came off after Anant Ambani, the heir of the Reliance industries and son of the famous Mukesh Ambani, gave a speech on the 40th anniversary of Reliance.

The video got a lot of reactions due to the facial expressions made by Ambani during his speech. This gave way to a lot of memes that also got a lot of criticism.

Be Like Bill

be like bill meme

This meme became an application on Facebook when every single person started to get their BE LIKE BILL statements that they could relate to the most.

Bill is a stick figure that became famous around 2015 who would pass severe judgments on human behavior always ending with the statement Don’t be like Bill or Be Like Bill.

But that’s none of my business

that's none of my business meme

This meme is also quite similar to Be like Bill and also came around the same year.

It consists of a Kermit drinking its tea and passing judgment on you while eventually, you don’t care.

This meme is usually passed on to people whom you know are making severe wrong choices, but again it’s not your business!

YLVIS’s What does the fox say

ylvis what does the fox say meme

This meme is apparently a musical meme created by a Norwegian comedy and music duo.

Though the video made no sense whatsoever, it still became a massive internet sensation overnight. Apparently now we know what the foxes say.

The New Old Spice Guy

new old spice guy meme

This meme is a part of the old spice commercial that is always in the news for its content.

The ads make sure to have all women smile and the men smirk. It’s a very women-centric meme that is used when you want to make a point and top it with conviction.

Rickroll Someone

rickroll someone meme

This meme is very famous for its prankful motives. Do not go by its serious looks; they are meant to deceive you.

People usually send this meme in the email to indicate the fact they are sending you something essential, but the point is they are just sending you a link to Rick Astley’s music videos from the 1980s.

More Cowbell

more cowbell meme

The expression that was used by Cristopher Walken forever made his place with the More Cowbell when he used this line on a Saturday night live.

The expression became a meme and is used today whenever you find something that has tickled your funny bone.

U mad bro?

u mad bro meme

This one here became one of the most famous memes after a hip-hop star, and musician Cam’Ron got into a heated discussion during a talk show which ended with him saying this phrase.

It then became a meme sensation overnight due to his trolling expression while he said it.

Randall the honey badger animal narrator

Randall the honey badger animal narrator meme

Randall is a known voiceover artist who usually does voiceovers for animal videos. This specific video, however, is unique due to Randall’s amazing, Sassy and very convincing narration that became meme-worthy content. Well, Honey badger neither care, nor we do.

Doge, Such wow much fun

doge such wow much fun meme

This meme became an internet sensation in 2005 because of a famous TV show the Homestar puppet show. In this, the star character nicknamed his cohort, Doge.

Today the word is used as a form of a meme which is usually added to a photograph of animated Shiba-Inu dogs and consists of lousy grammar and funny monologues.

Gas Pump Karaoke Prank

This became a sensational prank after a prankster acted like a newscaster and started a conversation with a couple at the same petrol station he was filling gas, and the conversation soon turned out to be a karaoke session where they started singing the songs from the 80s.

Distracted Boyfriend

distracted boyfriend meme

This classic meme became sensational after Antonio Guillem shot this photo in 2015.

It shows the fact that we don’t appreciate the things we have and instead chase behind what we don’t have.

This is used in a humorous context but also is quite severe when you think about it.

Roll Safe

roll self meme

It is a very terrible meme, but in a way, it is a fantastic kind of meme that is sought to spread a serious message or advice.

The meme is a character from the web series Hood documentary. The picture given in the meme is somewhat funny, but the overall message might hit your soul pretty hard.

White Guy Blinking

white guy blinking meme

This meme is actually from a very great Gif of the famous breakout star Drew Scanlon who featured in the unprofessional Fridays video.

The gif is of drew blinking his eyes regularly in a way to express your surprise and astonishment towards even the most normal situations.

Mocking Sponge Bob

mocking sponge bob meme

This meme became famous for sponge bob’s savage clap back to someone who is trying so hard to be impressive.

All you have to do is mock them back with what they said in altering cases. (Upper and lower cases)

The Floor is Lava

the floor is lava meme

This meme takes inspiration from a game where the floor is lava, and somebody says the phrase to you where you have to get away from the floor within 10 seconds.

This is used as a reference to show how you cringe and avoid unwanted and awkward situations.

Nothing but respect for My President

nothing but respect for my president meme

This meme became a sensation after a Twitter user posted a photograph after cleaning the vandalized star of Donald Trump and captioning the photo with this phrase.

It soon became viral, and everyone became a part of it, and soon it started getting used in funny contexts.

This is the Future Liberals want

this is the future liberals want meme

This phrase is used for memes where you see the most inappropriate thing in the most inappropriate place.

It gained its popularity when a Twitter user commented dirty things about a woman wearing naqab and this phrase came as a backfire.

Living in 3017

living in 3017 meme

This phrase became a meme after a Twitter user posted the photo of him pouring milk in a box of Reese’s Puffs cut from the middle. He captioned the photo with “Y’all livin in 2017 meanwhile I’m in 3017”.

Since then people started using this after you find some cool life hack that automatically makes you a person from the future.

Usually used as captions when you see something so mindboggling and cool at the same time.

What Redbone Sounds Like

what redbone sounds like meme

Infantile Gambino’s Grammy-designated soul-funk track, “Redbone,” got the viral treatment after one tweeter recorded and shared what the melody would seem like from the lavatory amidst a makeout session.

Different tweeters took after alongside their particular funny edits of this song.

Salt Bae

salt bae meme

This meme became famous after a famous Turkish chef who owns a chain of steakhouses is dressing his meat with salt most weirdly, and uncommonly that also looks cool.

Thus the meme got its meaning that you are extra and you are okay with it.

Snapchat Hotdog

snapchat hotdog meme

This is one of the filters that Snapchat came up with where you can see a hot dog dancing and doing fun lovable actions.

People didn’t get the idea first hand, but soon, they started enjoying it.

Meryl Streep Cheering

Meryl Streep singing meme

This video footage became a meme sensation after Meryl Streep started cheering Debbie Reynolds in the 2015 SAG awards.

The meme is the actor shouts the lyrics of the song and (other famous phrases).

Homeboy’s gonna, like, get it

Homeboy’s gonna like get it meme

An unforeseen shoe image emerged after Bella Hadid made some confounding remarks amid a scene of Complex’s Sneaker Shopping arrangement.

“On the off chance that homeboy’s coming through with these it’s calm for him,” she stated, indicating one tennis shoe.

“In any case, on the off chance that he comes through in, similar to, these,” she kept, indicating another tennis shoe, “Homeboy’s going to like, get it.”

I love this woman and her curvy body

I love this woman and her curvy body meme

This Instagram user is the cause of this meme when he posted a photograph of his wife and received a lot of hate due to the long caption.

As a result of that, he said I love this woman and her curvy body as a way to show his love for the thick women.

But the internet had its plans and soon posted anything that is thick and curvy with this caption. E.g., pancakes!

Spotify Playlist Messages

Spotify Playlist messages meme

This became meme material after people started talking about using the first line of every song to create entire sentences.

This was a very cool way to flirt or even chat, but eventually, there’s a playlist message for every situation now.

Beyoncé ordering food

beyonce ordering food meme

Beyonce also became a meme initiator after she posted a photograph of her ordering food months after giving birth.

The internet went on fire guessing what she must have said.

Kendell Jenner’s Pepsi Ad

Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad meme

This meme came out of one of the most controversial ads done by Kendall Jenner who ends a protest with a Pepsi can.

This created a lot of hate that resulted in the company to take it down and eventually became a platform for cringeworthy memes.

First of all

First of all meme

You can find this meme all over the place on Twitter as it started with a user tweeting “First of all, you ain’t my man”.

Since then, these three words have become the initiator of the sassiest comebacks.

Obamacare V/S GOP replacement

Obamacare vs GOP Replacement Meme

This came out as a meme after the white house republicans broke the news of Obama care being replaced, this march.

This would leave the significant citizens at a disadvantage. Though the news was a sensitive issue, it didn’t stop people from creating memes.

They would post two photographs of the same thing or person in a way to compare.

Cash me ousside, How bout dah?

Cash me ousside, How bout dah? meme

This meme was given to us by Danielle Bregoli after she went on an episode of DR Phil. It was the way she backfired after being asked a question is what made her an internet sensation.

The phrase Cash me Ousside, how bout dah translates to catch me outside, how about that. Now do the math.

Aaron Paul confused by fashion

Aaron Paul confused by fashion meme

It is indeed said that you need the knowledge to understand something, the same case happened when the cameras caught Aaron Paul for the bewildered expression he made in a fashion show in 2012. This has again resurfaced and is now a popular meme.

Idiot sandwich

idiot sandwich meme

This meme inspiration comes from the food lord and very famous for his roasting skills, Gordon Ramsay when he placed two pieces of bread on either side of Julia Chen (a contestant in the Hell’s cafeteria) and asked her what you are!

Cuca the Alligator

Cuca the Alligator meme

In June this year, a client on Brazilian discussion Pandlr made a few GIFs of Cuca the Alligator, a witch likely frequenting the bad dreams of kids the nation over because of her long stretch on Sítio do Picapau Amarelo.

One look at her blonde wig, tight outfits, and cheeky idiosyncrasies made it evident she was destined to be a gay symbol, and web-based social networking didn’t baffle, utilizing Nicki Minaj verses and Kardashian jokes to uncover her actual viral potential.

Ivanka Trump’s Punk phase

Ivanka Trump’s Punk phase meme

This became an internet sensation after Ivanka Trump confessed about her skipped hair and baggy t-shirt phase while growing up in the memoir Raising Trump.

The internet was shaken, but that’s how the memes were born.

Donald Trump’s Covfefe

Donald Trump’s Covfefe meme

It was one tweet that took the internet by the storm. Trump who is very active on twitter made another tweet that said Covfefe and absolutely no one could make sense out of it.

That is when random memes came out on covfefe that had various expressions of trump in it.

Asahd Khaled

Asahd Khaled meme

Another celeb kid who posts photographs from his Instagram account and has shares in his father’s company.

Asahd Khaled, the 5Y/o son of DJ Khaled, is already an internet sensation for his combination sass and sweet.

Mayweather V/S McGregor

Mayweather VS McGregor meme

At the point when the hotly anticipated “Cash Fight” between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr, at last, occurred in August this year, the web was ready to rock and roll to respond in an ideal way that is available: it had notable references to The Simpsons.

Drake, More life

Drake, More life meme

Drake has always been a very worthy meme material candidate, so much that Drake posting is now actually a thing.

This time, the singer came up with a new song known as More life and indeed the internet could not remain silent.

Migos Bad and Boujee

At the point when Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska sat down to talk with Migos at last year’s BET Awards, they were likely unconscious of the outright crap demonstrate that was going to unfurl.

Remarking that Takeoff’s typical adlibs were fundamentally non-existent on breakout single “bad and Boujee,” Akademiks started a spat—an as yet ongoing fight—which rapidly circulated the web.

Migos Bad Boujee Meme

After Takeoff rehashed his reaction a couple of times, Budden—an acclaimed fight rapper and prominent faultfinder of different hip-bounce newcomers—dropped his mic, making the gathering square up to him.

Not surprisingly, the web reacted, and the outcomes were brilliant. 

Leekspin- The Loituma girl

Leekspin the Loituma girl meme

This meme is inspired by a scene taken from the famous anime Bleach, where a Quartet called Loituma performs the music.

Now even though the girl is dancing around with a vegetable, it’s the music that is so odd that it’s catchy. And once you hear it, you can’t un-hear it.

Where the hell is Matt Harding? Dancing around the World

Where the hell is Matt Harding, Dancing around the World

Matt Harding was hired to travel 39 countries on 7 continents, and he had to do some dancing for the camera. The video became a sensational meme hit.

 All your base are belong to us

All your base are belong to us

All Your Base’ is an ‘Engrish’ humor image. It originates from the defective interpretation of Japanese into English subtitles.

Rather than all your bases belong to us, this mixed up interpretation burst into flames in 2001. The first video film is from Zero Wing, a 1989 computer game by Toaplan.

Today, ‘All Your Base’ is a joke expression utilized as a part of popular culture.


Domo Kun meme

This meme is inspired by Japan’s NHK tv show who hired a strange mascot. The mascot is an extraordinary icon that is pasted in many disastrous scenes.

That is how it got famous and today is a part of the meme world.

Trump’s first order of business

Trump’s first order of business meme

This meme became famous after trump being elected as the president already signed orders within three days of his taking office.

After which he posted the photo of him holding up the folder with his signature that became the center for a lot of memes.

Al-Sharpton’s gym selfie

Al Sharpton’s gym selfie meme

The internet was taken on a roll after Rev Al-Sharpton posted a photo of him on Instagram at the gym on account of fathers day.

The photo became memes after people started making fun of his expression, posture and the angle of the picture.

Kendrick Lamar’s Damn cover

Kendrick Lamar’s Damn cover meme

When Kendrick Lamar’s “I am so done with life” face cover came out for his song Damn on his Instagram handle, it had the troll masters on the roll. His expression honestly said damn. And in no way did it look like a music video cover photo.

Tyrese crying

Tyrese crying meme

Tyrese did a live video on Instagram where talked about the custody battle that got him into tears.

The internet made a meme for that to use it in the reference of how any inconvenience makes us feel. Ow damn.

The ting goes

The ting goes meme

This was the biggest internet sensation of 2017 when Big Shaq aka the English comedian Michael Dapaah sang the ting goes kuuuurraaahhh that hit twitter.

He came up with the song Man’s not Hot that started playing in school and became memes.

Arthur’s fist

Arthur’s fist meme

This meme is a reaction meme taken from famous TV series Arthur. The meme is taken from this particular scene Arthur punches DW.

It consists of a closed fist that shows like its almost about to hit someone.

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