What does MVP mean?

This acronym was given to us by the legendary basketball player Kevin Durant. During his speech, he mentioned his mother and said she was the real MVP. For all those who are wondering, MVP is the abbreviated term for the phrase Most Valuable Player. Though the use of this acronym is related to anything that has to do with sports, it has a deeper meaning within.

It isn’t an acronym we would use or even see on our news feeds on a daily basis. But there is a high possibility of witnessing it in a TBH post or even while texting.

Alternate meanings of MVP

  1. Most Valuable Professional
  2. Most Valuable Primate
  3. Monster Versus Player
  4. Most Valuable poet
  5. Mountain View Peak
  6. Missouri Valley Pitbulls
  7. Music and Video Player
  8. Marginal Value Product
  9. Most Volatile Player
  10. Maximum Vertical Pocket


After Kevin Durant’s speech, the world has just witnessed an abbreviation that drove everyone crazy. So many meme pages created memes at that particular moment, and they went viral in no time. It was after that; the acronym got into the list of the famous abbreviations of today.

The initial idea of this acronym was to compliment and congratulate a person for their skills. When you say MVP to somebody, it is because you can notice how much of a significant part they play in a team (with the reference of sports.) They not only are damn good at it but also can help you win an unwinnable match.

However, the idea was taken with a lot of deeper meaning to it. In the context of online chatting and texting and other social mediums, an MVP is a person who is very good at heart and will readily do anything to help you. Such people are not less than heroes. They don’t wear capes; they become MVPs.


Example 1:

Person 1: I want you to know that you da real MVP mate. What you did today takes serious guts.

Person 2: I appreciate the gesture bro.

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