Netflix and Chill Memes

The slang Netflix and Chill might be a term that we are hearing too often these days, but it dates way back to 2007. It is a term used by the teens of today when they want to hook up and well have other plans of “fun”. That is how a very innocent act of watching Netflix in your most comfy pyjamas with a pizza to go is no longer about the Netflix, its all about the fun.

Here are the six facts you need to know about the famous Netflix and Chill Memes:

Fact 1: The Origin Story

The very first usage of this phrase was reportedly seen in the form of a tweet around the year 2009 by a user NoFaceNina that said: “I am about to log onto Netflix and chill for the rest of the night”. Ever since that, a lot of people took notice and started using this phrase.

Back in that time, Netflix and Chill was considered to be a very innocent term with no ulterior motive at all. It was all about a good flick trending and binge-watching on it for the rest of the night.

Around the year 2013, USA saw a massive rise in the Netflix subscriptions when more and more people became paid subscribers. It not only increased the net worth of the company but also saw the increased the usage of this acronym.

By mid-2014, the euphemism came into the whole equation. Now people did not see an innocent way to see this slang but instead used it as a way to ask someone out. It became the alternate phrase for “wanna come inside and grab some coffee?” but whatever it is, nothing beats the old pickup lines!

Fact 2- the starter pack story

When the slang gained its popularity amongst teens in person, it also started gaining its social popularity in the virtual world when Tumblr came up with the starter pack meme.

The meme would come up with four or more photographs related to one topic that would define the meme. For example, in a nerd guy starter pack, there would be photographs of laced shoes, oiled hair, books, braces and a bag and a water bottle. Similarly, Tumblr came up with a Netflix and chill starter pack that resulted in this meme’s popularity.

Fact 3-  It became all about the looks

Once the euphemism of the meme was all that the people would talk about. Now Netflix and chill became the dates and the action that followed within well 10 to 15 minutes.

Now every time someone would mention Netflix and chill, it was followed by the discussion of the look that was shared within the first 5 minutes of the session.

Fact 4- Then came in the variations

Now with the growing internet fad for the obsession of the meme, it did not stay limited to just Netflix, but instead, Netflix soon became a noun. Now you can use any name, place, animal or thing and chill.

It suddenly regained back its older meaning. Now you can use any hobby that you enjoy doing the most and add the chill to it. Just like times changed, its meanings did too.

E.g., I am going to __(your hobby)__ and chill today! Finally a day for myself!

Fact 5: The impact on the rest of the world.

2015 and 2016 saw the most impact of this meme. It did not remain limited to just a slang anymore, but it became a whole new concept. So many MNCs and even celebrities came up with innovative ways to support the Netflix and chill.

Given the fact that it has been a very trending hashtag too, the very first reaction to this concept was seen when Tinder got introduced in the US. University students would plan up Netflix and chill sessions that turned out to be the organisation of Netflix and chill fests.

Around November 2015, the headquarters of Netflix in California, spray painted the word chill along with their logo to show their support for the concept.

Netflix also came up with the hashtag #DatingwithNetflix where so many people on Facebook came up with their long-term relationship stories that were made possible due to this concept and adding the hashtag in the end.

Many singers like Ariana Grande and Danah, wrote songs about Netflix and Chill, that gained a lot of popularity.