Nick Cannon Net Worth

When Nick Cannon was 11 and began to perform in his father’s cable-access show as a stand-up comedian, did he even know what a star he would turn into within a decade? The rapper, widely known for being a host of a reality show America’s Got Talent – Nick Cannon’s net worth is nearly $50 Million. He earns his income not only from the TV shows but also from various ventures including films, business and music.

Early Life

Nicholas Scott Cannon, 37, was born in San Diego, California. He married the singer, Mariah Carey. The couple has three kids. Cannon filed for divorce in 2014 which was finalised in the year 2016, after which the couple parted ways bidding farewell to six years of their togetherness.


Cannon got his first break doing stand-up comedy in his father’s local cable access program, and by-and-by he grew up to be a rapper, actor, comedian, director, screenwriter, producer, entrepreneur, record producer, radio and television personality.

Da G4 Dope Bomb Squad

Cannon began a career in music at a very young age. When he was 16, Cannon, along with his friend formed the rap group Da G4 Dope Bomb Squad. Later, in the year 2001, he signed with Jive Records and was featured in the hit song Parents Just Don’t Understand.


However, in 2003 the rapper released his debut self-titled album that included the single Your Pops Don’t Like Me (I Don’t Like This Dude)”. In 2005, Cannon planned to release his second studio album entitled Stages and thus formed his record label, Can-I-Ball-Records. But, the album could not be released due to his acting career.

N’Credible Entertainment

Again, in the year 2009, Cannon cancelled his old label Can-I-Ball-Records and formed a new one labelled N’Credible Entertainment.

On the whole, Canon has released three albums, over seventeen Singles and two mixed tapes up to today.

Actor, Director, Writer and a Producer

Canon began his acting career in the year 2000 when he was offered a role of a chess club kid. He has been acting ever since then, and the movies have been doing pretty well at the box office. Canon has acted in about 25 films that include Men in Black II, Shall We Dance?, The Killing Room, Chi-Raq, King of the Dancehall.

He even wrote the script, produced and directed the movies in which he starred like Underclassman, School Girls, and School Dance among the others.


Known for his comic sense, Cannon received various opportunities to host TV shows. He started a hosting career from a comedy series Wild ‘N Out in the year 2005 and continued to become a host in numerous other shows including Nickelodeon’s Friday Night Slimetime, Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon and America’s Got Talent.


Cannon became and had remained the chairman of TeenNick, a cable channel, owned by a unit of the Viacom Media Networks since 2009. Later in the year 2012, he created a sketch-comedy series, Incredible Crew.

Radio Hosting

Cannon also made his way through Radio as a host at 92.3 NOW FM in New York for 2 years since 2010.

Nick Cannon Net Worth

It’ no surprise to know that a man who has entered various fields of entertainment is worth a massive $50 million, although it looks immaterial when compared to that of his ex-wife Mariah Carey which is a drop-your-jaw $520 Million!


The major source of revenue to Cannon is his salary from TV shows. He earned around $16,000 per episode of Wild ‘N Out; $70,000 for per episode of AGT and he made around $4 million from his TV show Real Husbands of Hollywood. The show also features Kevin Hart.

House and Cars

Nick owns a beautiful mansion in New Jersey whose worth is $3 million. He is also an ardent car fanatic. He is known to own some of the most expensive models including Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon and a Maserati Quattroporte.


As much as he loves to entertain the crowd, Nick finds the deepest pleasure in philanthropic activities. According to his website, Nick supports over ten charity foundations, including getting Schooled Foundation, STOMP out Bullying, A Place Called Home, Girl Up and Nick Cannon Foundation, Inc.

In 2011, Cannon encouraged the teens to find a cause about which they are passionate about and to take action in their communities. He has also been a celebrity spokesperson for the National Association of Letter Carriers’ annual national food drive since 2011.

Cannon became quite a sensation when he wore a $ 2 million worth loafers that were packed with more than 14,000 diamonds and later donated to the St. Mary’s Hospital for Children in Queens, New York.

Recently, Cannon has also been widely reported as opposing abortion.

Not everyone discovers their passion at a very young age. Nick Cannon, has not only found what his heart wants but also has followed his passion and become successful at a very young age. We sincerely wish him the best in all his future endeavours.

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