OK Google not Working Easy Troubleshooting Steps

The phrase, “OK Google”, is nothing new for any Android user. But unlike Apple iOS, Android has different make smartphones. Some smartphones have inbuilt Google Assistant whereas there are some who don’t. Many times, we face issues where OK Google is not working, or there is no response when you speak it near your Android phone.

Say OK Google or Tap Mic

Latest flagship smartphones from Google has inbuilt Google assistant. If the phone is old or not having Google Assistant then it must be having Google voice search functionality. In short, almost every Android smartphone has OK Google feature.

If OK Google is not working or disabled, then do not lose your heart. There are a few easy steps which you need to follow to troubleshoot the functionality.

Smartphones without Google Assistant

If you have an old Android phone which does not have Google Assistant, then you can follow steps as mentioned below.

Troubleshoot step 1 – Check if Ok Google option is turned off

  • Launch the Google app. This app is by default installed on all Android mobile phones. You cannot download this app from Google play store.
  • Look for three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen. Tap it and go to ‘Settings’. Click ‘Voice’ option and then click “Ok Google” detection.
    Go to voice settings and click OK Google DetectionEnable OK Google in OK Google detection
  • Turn on Say ‘Ok Google’ anytime. This option varies with different model. So, be the best judge and enable what you require.
  • There is Trusted Voice option which can record your voice and matches with your voice model. This option can also unlock the device if it hears your recorded voice.

Troubleshoot step 2 – Google app does not have the latest update

Troubleshoot step 3 – Default language is set other than US English

  • If your smartphone’s default language is set other than US English then also ‘OK Google’ may not work.
  • Go into language setting (language & input) and select English (US).

Troubleshoot step 4 – Update the English(US) language pack

  • You have to even keep the English(US) language pack up to date.
  • Head to Voice settings and click offline speech recognition.
  • You can update the language pack if it is not updated.

Troubleshoot step 5 – Background app may interfere with Ok Google

  • If applications are running in the background, then chances are higher that they may interfere with the voice command which you give at the same time.
  • Kill all the background app.

Troubleshoot step 6 – Record your voice once again

  • Sometimes we may have to teach Google to recognise our voice once again.
  • Make sure to record your voice in a quiet place.
  • Launch the Google app and head to settings.
  • Go to Voice -> “Ok Google” detection -> “Ok Google” Voice Model
    OK Google Voice Model
  • Click Delete Voice Model and then confirm by pressing ‘OK’.
  • Now you have to enable the Ok Google option again and record your voice.

Smartphones with Google Assistant

Google assistant is different than old Google Now or Google voice search feature. It was launched last year, and most of the latest Android smartphones have this functionality.

Troubleshoot step 1 – Check if Google Assistant is turned on or not?

  • Hold the ‘Home’ button
  • If you can see a message “Hi, how can I help?” then it means that the Google Assistant is on.
  • If you are asked to turn on the Google Assistant, then just tap ‘Turn on’.
  • If you cannot see any message after pressing Home button, then your phone does not have Google Assistant. You can go back to above section which mentions “Smartphones without Google Assistant.”

Note: If you have a Google Pixel smartphone, then you will not be able to use Ok Google without turning on the Google Assistant.

Troubleshoot step 2

  • Hold the ‘Home’ button.
  • Tap explore option at the top right of the screen and click ‘more’.
  • Go to ‘Settings’. Click ‘Phone’ and then ‘Ok Google’ detection.
  • Turn on Say “OK Google” anytime.
  • There is also ‘Trusted Voice’ option which will allow “OK Google” command to automatically unlock your smartphone. For this, you may have to record your voice.

Troubleshoot step 3

  • Hold the ‘Home’ button.
  • Tap explore option at the top right of the screen and click ‘more’.
  • Go to ‘Settings’. Click ‘Phone’ and then ‘Ok Google’ detection.
  • Click Delete voice model and confirm with OK.
  • Now turn on Say ‘Ok Google’ anytime.
  • Follow the steps and record in a quiet place.

If none of the above helped in troubleshooting Ok Google, then I would recommend you to check if your smartphone’s microphone is working fine or not. The easiest way to find out is to open Google app or Google search and inspect the microphone icon.

Check if the mic icon on Google search is looking solid or not

If it appears in dotted lines, then your smartphone microphone is not okay. A regular microphone icon looks solid in appearance.

Also, when you speak Ok Google, then your surrounding environment should not have a lot of noise.