3 Online Guitar Tuners that simplify the lives of Guitarists

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When you are starting to learn how to play the guitar, a guitar tuner becomes your best friend as your ears have not yet developed the sense of E-A-D-G-B-E notes and pitch. But don’t worry, there are plenty of online guitar tuners available that make the tedious task of tuning a guitar pretty simple.

When I started learning the guitar in 2008, having a physical guitar tuner was a luxury. So, we used to look for a tuner online. And on the snail-like speed of dial-up internet connections, it was even more frustrating.


The websites used to take a very long time to open. And then you had to tune your guitar by listening to the notes.

But the scenario is not the same anymore. There has been an exponential growth in technology since 2008. And with technology, online tuners and Apps have also developed phenomenally over this period.

Let’s look at some of the best tuners available for free:

Best Online Guitar Tuners

When I say tuning a guitar ‘online’, it essentially means two types of tuners:

  1. Tuning by ear – means tuning by listening to the sounds of E-A-D-G-B-E strings, which may work out with advanced level guitarists.
  2. Digital tuner – In this type, you just have to strike the string, and the tuner will display the note you are playing, it will also display whether the note you are playing is flat or sharp. So, all you have to do is tighten (if flat) or loose (in the case of sharp) the tuning peg. Simple, isn’t it?

Get-Tuned – Best for tuning by ear

To use this tuner, you can go to the website of get-tuned and open the online guitar tuner.

Get-Tuned Online Guitar Tuner

Well, I have a biased opinion about using Get-tuned because when I started learning guitar, there were digital tuners that could help me out, so I had to make do by listening to the sounds of each string and tune my guitar. So, I still love it.

But I have to accept that these type of online guitar tuners have become obsolete nowadays.

Though they have a simple UI where you can play the note you want and tune your guitar. Sounds simple, right? But no, there are even simpler options available!

Pro Guitar – Digital Online Guitar Tuner

Well, this is the best online tuner I have used so far. All you need to do is strike a string, and the web app shows you the note frequency, you can adjust the tuning peg while playing a string continuously and tune your guitar.

You can even tune your guitar using Pro Guitar Tuner below. You may either start tuning by ear or just enable Adobe Flash Player and ‘allow’ it to use your microphone. You only need to pluck a string to tune the guitar!

Therefore, you need not visit any tuning by ear tuner as Pro-Guitar offers both the options.

Jam Play – Web App

Jamplay online Guitar Tuner and Guitar tuner Web App

Similar to the above web app, Jam Play also works pretty much the same way except that they are subtle in telling you whether you are playing flat or sharp.

Also, I felt they show you a more accurate frequency than Pro Guitar.


So, if you are a frequency bug like me, you may like this option too.

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