Quiz – Curious About Oral health. Test Your Knowledge

Oral Health is much more than just brushing up your teeth. It is essential to maintain oral hygiene to keep yourself away from dental problems and bad breath. There is a common myth that says “whiter the teeth, healthier they are.” White pearl-like teeth enhances your personality as, after all, a smile is the mirror of your persona. But having shiny white teeth doesn’t signify good healthy teeth.

Here is a quiz for you to know more about your oral health.


1. What is the hardest substance found in the body?


Were you expecting bones as the answer? Tooth enamel is the hardest substance found in the human body.

2. How many types of teeth does a human have?


Quite an easy one! The human body has four types of teeth namely Molars, premolars, Canines, and incisors.

3. Which among the following types of teeth are also called bicuspids?


Premolars are also called bicuspids because they can have two or more cusps. They are designed to crush the food.


4. How many Incisors are present in the mouth cavity?


There are four front upper and four front lower teeth. The two adjacent teeth to the central incisors are known as the lateral incisors.

5. Which type of teeth is responsible for tearing the food?


Canines’s primary function is to tear the food. Incisors help in cutting the food. Premolars assists in crushing down the food. And molars finally grinds the food.

6. Which among the following is also termed as wisdom teeth?


They are named starting with closest to the mid-line as first molars, second molars ,and third molars. Third molars are also called wisdom teeth because they appear very late when a person is presumed to be wiser as compared to a child.


7. Humans have both upper and lower teeth. But do you know which among the following animals have only bottom teeth?


Isn't that interesting! Imagine standing in front of the mirror and having just the bottom teeth. We will look so funny.

8. What is the average amount of fluid can a male hold in his mouth?


A man on an average can hold about 71.2 mL while a female can hold 55.4 mL.

9. Which animal’s teeth are often used for experimentation purpose?


Since cow’s teeth have a larger surface area, so they are often used for experimentation purpose. Although human’s extracted teeth are also used for the study or research.


10. What is unique for everyone just like fingerprints?


The tongue prints are unique for every individual. They act as a new biometric authentication tool. Researchers are trying to evaluate the common morphological features and variation of the tongue in male and female.

Quiz - Curious About Oral Health. Test Your Knowledge

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