What is Oscar De La Hoya’s Net Worth?


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Oscar De La Hoya is known to us by the name ‘The Golden Boy’. He is a former boxer and a singer by profession. Oscar is said to have an estimated net worth of around $200 million. Most of his worth came from his boxing fights and earned the highest of $52 million for a single fight with Floyd Mayweather in 2007.

Early Life

Oscar was born on the 4th of February 1973, in Montebello LA. He has been given the name of ‘The Golden Boy’ by peers and fans who’ve known him during his boxing career.

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Boxing runs in his blood as both his grandfather and father are said to have been boxers. Oscar grew up in an area where violence happened very often but made something out of him.

He has won several medals, not to forget the Olympic gold medals for his country. Oscar has been married once and has five children.

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Earnings included in Oscar De La Hoya Net Worth

His Boxing Career

Oscar is a winner and has about ten world titles as well as wins in all the different weight categories he has fought. The total buys of his tickets of views online by fans is 14 million which has brought in review of almost $700 million

  • His first win was in 1986 when he won the national Junior Olympics in the 119-pound category at just the age of fifteen
  • 1990 saw him win the ‘Golden Gloves national’ title being the youngest boxer present
  • In 1991, he won the ‘US Amateur Boxing Tournament.’
  • De La Hoya’s first world-famous appearance was in 1992, in the Summer Olympics held in Barcelona, Spain where he undoubtedly won Gold
  • After his Olympic victory, the boxer started his journey of becoming a world-famous boxer winning mostly gold
  • In 1994, Oscar won his very first professional title of ‘Lightweight championship of the World Boxing Organization’ against Jimmi Bredahl, a Danish boxer with a TKO (total knockout)
  • He shifted to the Junior Welterweight category in 1996 and faced one of his biggest challenges, ‘Julio Cesar Chavez’. It took him four rounds, but Oscar eventually knocked out his competition
  • His first loss was in 1999, against Felix Trinidad and another one in 2000
  • In 2004, Oscar made about $30 million from his fight with Bernard Hopkins
  • After winning five world titles and many bouts, the people’s favourite retired from boxing on 14th of April, 2009

Music career

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Oscar is not just a boxer but also a musician.

  • In 2000, Oscar released his very first album titled ‘Oscar’ in English and Spanish. The album was #1 on Latin charts, and one of the singles called ‘Ven a Mi’ Grammys also nominated him for an award


  • Oscar De La Hoya owns a mansion like home in Bel-Air, Los Angeles which has a worth of $18.5 million. The house has amenities such as a Home Office, a sauna, a Swimming pool, a Jacuzzi and a beautiful view
  • He owns a condo in Pasadena which he purchased for $2.65 million

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Vehicle collection

  • He owns a Bentley Continental GT
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Land Rover Freelander 2

Endorsements and ventures

  • He is the owner and CEO of his company ‘The Golden Boy Promotions’
  • He owns a real estate business called ‘Golden Boy Partners’
  • Oscar is a part of the HBO boxing show called ‘Boxeo De Oro.’
  • He owns a clothing line as well
  • He endorses for PS3, PSP and Xbox 360 versions of EA Sports’ game ‘Fight Night Round 3.’

Social Work

The former boxer is a very charitable person and has dedicated part of his life to do work for the greater good of people.

  • He was the founder the ‘Oscar De La Hoya Foundation’ in 1995. The main purpose of this charity is to help the people living in East Los Angeles in bettering their lives. The charity at present funds any causes such as Children, Cancer, Gang Violence and school
  • He has donated huge sums of money towards the victims affected by Hurricane in Mexico and Puerto Rico
  • The ‘Golden Boy Promotions’ which is all about community and how we can give back is in association with California Municipal Finance Authority. Through this, Oscar has distributed boxing equipment like headgear, mouth guard, gloves, hand-wraps to young people who love boxing
  • Oscar visited the USA military camp in Iraq and Kuwait in 2011, to donate clinical equipment and meet the soldiers


  • A book was published on him in the form of a picture book in 2006 called ‘Super Oscar’ in 2006.


His career has seen wins of 234 and 156 knockouts having lost only six times. Oscar is an inspiration as he got out unfavourable conditions and made a name for himself. He has made his country proud and continues to devote himself towards the good of other people.

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