Outsourcing success stories: Companies that outsource to the Philippines

At Svitla Systems, we have experts at the ready to help you define these requirements to make sure all your programming key points are taken care of and included in the original scope of work. One of the first things that companies are concerned about when thinking of programming outsourcing is the loss of control over processes and certain aspects of the project. Programming outsourcing is a winning strategy for a lot of companies that seek an efficient, cost-effective approach to programming activities. Programming outsourcing is a valuable practice that, when executed correctly and with the help of the right partner, can result in positive outcomes for your business. So, to wrap things up – basically, each of these giants started from scratch and obtained their current reputation and results thanks to choosing the right BPO providers. Despite all the disadvantages of outsourcing people tend to mention – it can lead you straight to the top.

Project-Based Model – This model means that most of the responsibility is on the outsourcing provider. The hiring company presents a development project and hands it over to the outsourced development team for completion. Another aspect of communication that sometimes is an issue for these types of programming outsourcing relationships is timing. Offshore and nearshore providers might exist within a timezone different from that of the hiring company.

We not only code, but also provide consulting services, UX/UI projects, maintenance , servers, and hosting. We can quickly expand the team by adding specialists in additional technologies. So, now that we have covered which companies use outsourcing to boost their gains and programming outsourcing enhance their overall effectiveness does the BPO world seem more appealing? If you choose to hire an outside party to handle parts of your work, be sure you’re letting the right people in. Now, this business model is well-liked by many – startups and small firms included.


Poland has the same values as Western European countries when it comes to compliance with human rights and labor laws. European countries also care about animal rights and the environment. They are very rarely accused of exploiting workers or hiring children, which unfortunately often happens in India and China.

Programming outsourcing or internal IT department

For the past decade, startups and software companies in the developed countries have been hiring software developers from all around the world to fill the talent shortage gap at home. Hiring software engineers remotely from developing countries like Ukraine gave birth to a global outsourcing industry which totted up to 92.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. While video conferencing is now commonplace, Skype was a pioneer of video calling in the early-2000s. None of their success would have been possible without three Estonian developers, Jaan Tallinn, Ahti Heinla, and Priit Kasesalu, who developed the app’s entire back-end. While the programmers were eventually integrated as partners, their work as an outsourced team allowed the product to become a common tool for businesses worldwide.

What companies have successfully used programming outsourcing

In business, relationships are truly what makes the difference. Whether or not outsourcing engagements succeed also depends on the quality of the relationship between the hiring company and the outsourcing provider. To that end, the accomplishment of such endeavors contributes to the overall prosperity of a company and its in-house team. Some business owners, unfortunately, believe that outsourcing is more costly than an in-house hire. However, the truth is that outsourcing development allows businesses to hire more employees for less money.

Even companies with established development teams occasionally bring in outsourced developers to complement and build on new projects. Outsourcing is a versatile tool that can boost the bottom line of companies big and small. When companies choose software outsourcing, they must then choose the type of programming outsourcing provider they want to work with, whether nearshore, onshore, or offshore. Polish software development companies offer some of the most competitive prices for IT services. In comparison to American and Western European companies, Polish IT services are much cheaper.

What Businesses Use Outsourcing?

However, companies should know that it’s not the only good reason why this is considered an outstanding business strategy. In 2014, Alibaba’s $25B initial public offering became the largest IPO in history. Today, the company’s many platforms are among the world’s largest and most popular online marketplaces. The majority of Microsoft’s contractors are managed under outsourced arrangements. These arrangements are governed by SOWs that include defined deliverables, processes, and service-level agreements. In other words, outsourcing suppliers are responsible for managing the day-to-day work of Microsoft’s contract workers.

Once you choose which outsourcing developer you want working on your project, it’s time to get contracts in writing. A reputable company will have the contract drawn up for you pretty quickly for you to review. You may have a clear vision in your head of how you want your software to look and operate with specific features to ensure it’s user-friendly. But, most developers are not mind readers, so you must clearly explain it to them. You’ll likely be geographically far from your outsourced developer and communicating primarily through email, phone, chat, and video calls. You should feel confident the development team understands the risks involved and your expectations for the project.

What companies have successfully used programming outsourcing

J&J is considered as one of the world’s most valuable companies. These three vary in terms of the reasons companies outsource, but all of them have shown a great deal of benefit that they got from doing so. Skype is one of the most used online communication platforms https://globalcloudteam.com/ whether for personal or professional purposes. With the continuous growth of the application, it implies a growth in the company, too. However, with rapid success comes fast growing demands, and P&G knew that they had to exert more effort to keep up with the pace.

What work can you outsource?

Remember that these steps can be used for partial and complete programming outsourcing. Most in-house programming teams are unable to deal with all of those factors. If only you could access thousands of highly skilled testers, who could double-check everything.

What companies have successfully used programming outsourcing

They not only have to deal with salaries but must also pay for expensive benefits such as insurance, holiday pay, hardware, software, and other costs. Most Polish software development companies have talented and experienced developers in their ranks. Aside from Google, many other titans turned to third-party providers needing specific expertise and external help. Why are they considered one of the top examples of BPO done right?


We adjust the team to the project’s needs – Ruby, .Net, Java, Javascript, Python, React Native, Node.js, Angular, Perl, Visual Basic, Golang, C++, and C# are like a walk in the park for us. Give us the green light and we’ll start working on a project within 2 weeks. That way, it’s much easier to see how a group operates, whether they deliver what they have promised, and if their essential skills are on point, the way their portfolio suggests. Outsourcing HR functions, or hiring a fully assembled call center crew – you could be in for a triumph. Drive digital agendas –Outsourcing software/web development is key to achieving enterprise digitization goals.

Therefore, we have reviewed some of the world-known companies that outsource their services and can point out that the most popular outsourcing destinations are Eastern Europe and Asia. The International Business machines Corporation is one of the largest employers among American companies that outsource, having over 352,000 employees. You can concentrate on the rest of your business by pushing it out.

1,925 team members, and over 55,000 employees as of the end of 2018. Toyota is a large multinational automobile headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan. As of December 2019, Toyota was the tenth largest company in the world by revenue.

She is also serving as an active advocate against human trafficking by funding OFW Watch project, a mobile application which aims to empower women against slavery and trafficking. From single to married and people who have families, BPO companies have offered great help and support and have had great outsourcing success stories. Offshore outsourcing is transferring some of your business operations to a far-off country, most commonly in top outsourcing destinations like the Philippines.

  • Here are six highly-successful companies that have used outsourcing for their software development to grow their business.
  • Our goal is to provide the highest value to our clients through a portfolio of outsourcing offerings.
  • As Bloomberg reports, 2018 marked the first year Google’s contract workers outnumbered their direct employees.
  • You should feel confident the development team understands the risks involved and your expectations for the project.
  • Not only did MetaLab refine the design of the messaging app that is nearly ubiquitous for startup teams, but it also redesigned their logo and website.
  • They see their company choosing to hire strangers from various countries instead of investing in internal teams and end up feeling dejected because of it.
  • Non-core work is any activity that your business doesn’t necessarily specialize in.

Google is one of the world’s largest and most recognizable tech companies. This internet behemoth runs a host of popular online services, including Google Search, Gmail, AdWords, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Drive. It also sells various consumer gadgets such as the Google Pixel smartphone and Google Nest . Track the websites and apps your outsourced team uses to ensure company policies aren’t violated.

Top Companies that Made the Best Use of Outsourcing

Outsourcing made it possible for the two companies to work on a win-win situation by creating and sharing value utilizing performance-based goals, which are also innovative. These are some of the entrepreneurs who have proven that outsourcing is good. Next are the companies who have been established and thriving with the help of outsourcing. Before being successful with Mynd Consulting, she had undergone some unfortunate events in her life. He was believed to be arrogant and was irresponsible for leaking information about Facebook’s plans. His performance also slipped, and because of the rapid growth of the company, he was not able to keep up.

Verify each of your developers’ references.

Almost anything related to the Internet can be reached from devices, people, or places. In this highly connected world, it’s not unusual for talented people to be found in any part of the world. Ask about the years of experience of each member of the outsourcing company and the years of experience of the company as a whole. It simply isn’t feasible for companies to expect that they will or already can hire the best experts in their fields in house. They may try, but they can’t compete with an organization that spends the majority of its resources on talent acquisition.

Get Inside Outsourcing

There are advantages and disadvantages for each business to consider. The recent technology and policy advancements made it easier for businesses of all sizes to outsource their business functions. Today, companies are realizing that you do not have to be a conglomerate to be able to seek the services of outsourcing suppliers. Nike wouldn’t be able to cater to its millions of customers and fans around the world if it weren’t for offshore outsourcing. The company delegates the manufacturing processes of its products to countries like the Philippines. It started with footwear, but the firm now also outsources the manufacturing of its apparel and other equipment.

With no generated money from his previous employment, he took a risk and outsourced the web development needs of the company to a skilled web developer for the said amount. He then continued to outsource some more by selling Imgur Pro some subscriptions. One-time project – If you only have one or two development projects that shouldn’t take more than a year to complete, hiring developers on-staff doesn’t typically make sense. Outsourced developers are best for these projects to cut costs. The truth is, many companies that successfully outsourced their development had a slightly different vision at the beginning than the final product – which paid off!

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