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She has haunted your laptop, phone and computer screen with the wide eyes and creepy smile almost like she is on something. She is the one who is always watching you, and there is entirely nothing that you can hide from her. She is the Overly attached girlfriend. The meme gained its popularity around the year 2012 along with a lot of other memes like the doge meme to name one. But the most striking thing about this meme is the expression of the girl. It became super famous, and all the Overly attached girlfriend memes were so relatable for the people who were dating and for the rest it was just funny.

How it all started

The girl in the meme is a YouTube user named Laina Walker, who also took part in the challenge posted by Justin Bieber about the online sing-off contest after the release of his song Boyfriend that also released in 2012.

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Walker posted the Girlfriend counterpart of the song that had customised lyrics on her YouTube page. The idea behind this was to show the female perspective of the song.

However, when the song started, there is like a one-second frame of the girl looking at the camera and smiling before the beginning of the song. And another very prominent thing about the song was that the lyrics also portrayed an overly attached girlfriend.

The video gained a massive response and reached 1.35 million in less than 48 hours.

How a song became a meme

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It was after around two to three days of the release of the song, a Reddit user uploaded the link of the song, dubbing the name to Overly attached girlfriend.

This got the videos, even more, hits and views and soon it came up as a meme on a lot of social media pages like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter too.

There is, however, a particular one second of the frame in the starting of the song where Laina is staring at the camera with eyes super wide and smiling with her mouth open. This became the face of the meme, and even today this is how it gained its popularity.

Her popularity today

The meme is still very much prevalent amongst people and continues to entertain us. Her eyes were so compelling that a fan set up a website known as where you can find the latest memes, videos and pictures.

Since Laina is herself a YouTuber too, her videos are available too. It wasn’t just limited to YouTube, but it also spread to Tumblr where a fan created the overly attached girlfriend blog.

featured image credit: screen capture via YouTube

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