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FRIV Games on FRIV.com

FRIV.com is a free online games portal that offers a huge variety of easy and exciting games. Be it boys, girls, adults, or oldies, these games are bound to keep you hooked.

Well, all of us participate in a lot of frivolous activities in our day to day lives. We listen to music, open facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp a thousand times and never get bored of things in which we don’t have to utilise our minds.


The FRIV portal gives you something different. It provides you with a simple grid-like user interface to choose the games. All you need is a laptop, internet connection and flash player to start playing games.

So, the next time you get bored, you know where to look!

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How to start playing games?

You can go to the website – friv.com or friv.info and hover over the screen to find the names of the games.

There’s a large variety of games in the categories of racing, arcade, shooting, love-test, etc.

www.friv.com or friv.info homepage screen for friv games

You need to click on the game and allow the website to run flash player if you’ve not enabled it.
For example, I clicked on the game called ‘Rich Cars’.

Once you’re into the game, you’ll see a simple screen as shown below:

FRIV play button to play games on friv.com

After you click on the ‘Play’ button, you’ll see a small story involved in the games you’re playing. When you play the same game again, you will be able to select various levels of the games which you’ve unlocked!

FRIV games story

Now, you can click forward and take a look at the simple instructions of the game you’re playing.

www.friv.com friv games instructions

You now know the keys to use while playing the game. Now what?

Enjoy the free games!

FRIV gameplay racing

You can see the result of the game after finishing. Well, I couldn’t perform well. But I’m sure I will as I have my mind hooked to this website.

friv.com score after game

Popular games on friv.com

  • Bad Ice-Cream Game which is similar to Pac-Man by the London based game development company Nitrome Limited is one of the most popular games
  • Love Tester Game is quite popular among school kids, teens, etc.. It goes right by the name – Frivolous!
  • You can find a list of popular games category-wise too. For example, Newest Games, Most Played,  Girls Games, Shooting Games, etc.

For more games, you can access the multiple versions of FRIV, get to know which ones belong the same company.

Final thoughts

While it’s great playing games or watching movies or sports. We must remember to take note of the time we are involved in doing these things.


It’s great fun to spend some time doing things in which you don’t have to use your mind.

You should consider playing these online games when you’re taking a break from work or studies for 10-20 mins, not more than that.

Remember, excess or extreme of anything is bad.

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