How Many Ounces in a Pound? – Conversion Formula for Pounds to Ounces

Mass is the total amount of matter within a body or an object or a particle. It is a dimensionless quantity and pound and ounce are two of the common units to measure it. But do you know how many ounces in a pound? An ounce is another unit of mass for a much-more-smaller-scale-measurement. You can easily convert pounds to ounces by simply multiplying it with 16.

Another popular unit of mass is Kilograms (kg) and converting pounds to kg require multiplying it by 0.45359237.


The symbol for pound is lb, and the same for ounce is oz.

1 pound=16 ounces.

Here we will know how many ounces in a pound or how to convert pounds to ounces and vice-versa.

Conversion calculator – How to convert pounds to ounces (lb to oz)?

To convert any pound value to the respective ounce (or, ounces), you can use the above conversion calculator. Just enter the value of the pound in the given field, and you will get the desired value in a blink of an eye.

How many ounces in a pound? – The conversion formula of the pounds to ounces

The formula to convert pounds to ounces is very simple to remember and calculate.

1 pound=16 ounces.


Suppose, you need to convert 45 pounds to ounces. Using the above formula to convert pounds to ounces, multiply 45 pounds with a factor of 16. The result will be the required value in ounces.

45 pounds= (45 × 16) ounces=720 ounces

Isn’t that simple.

The conversion formula of the ounces to pound

The conversion formula of the ounce to the pound is as follows.

1 ounce=0.0625 pound


Let’s assume, you need the pound value for 38 ounces. The above formula will come to your rescue.

38 ounces= (38 × 0.0625) pounds =2.375 pounds

You can also remember the factor 0.06 to get an approximate result instantly.

What are pounds?

There are various definitions of a pound. The most common definition among all these is the international avoirdupois pound. One international avoirdupois pound is precisely equal to 0.45359237 kilograms. It is divided into 16 avoirdupois ounces.

The imperial and United States customary use it hugely. Note that pound-sterling is different from the pound.

The international standard symbol of the avoirdupois pound is Lb. But there are other symbols of pound as well which are as follows

  • lbm Many of the  pound definitions use this symbol
  • #– This symbol of the pound is mainly used in the U.S.)
  • ℔Or ″̶   It is the symbol of the apothecaries’ pound (a historical system of mass)


The term ‘pound’ has come from the Roman word ‘Libra.’ Its main origin is the Latin phrase lībra pondō which means ‘a pound by weight.’ The corresponding Dutch word of it is ‘pond,’ and the German word is ‘pfund’.


  • It is mainly used to measure body weights.
  • It is also used to measure weights which are less than the kilogram range.

What is ounce?

The most common unit of the ounce is avoirdupois ounce which is defined to be approximately equal to 28.3 g and  116 of the common pound. This is one of the most popular units of the United States customary and British imperial system.


The origin of ‘ounce’ is the Latin word ‘Uncia.’ ‘Uncia’ means twelfth part of a pound or foot. The source of the word ‘Uncia’ is the old French word ‘Unce’.


The abbreviation of the ounce is oz or ℥. But oz is more commonly used. Its origins are the Italian words onza (singular) and onze (plural).


This unit is used to measure the small weights correctly. Like, various postal items, packaged foods or small portions of foods, the areal density of paper, light fabric, the weight of boxing gloves, etc. mainly in the United States.


Quick lookup – pounds to Ounces

Pound(or Pounds)Ounce(or Ounces)

Pounds and ounces – interesting facts to know

  • 1 troy ounce= 31.1 g (Approximately). It is used to measure the mass of the precious metals like gold, platinum, silver, palladium, rhodium etc.
  • The ounce-forceis a measurement of weight in the form of force.
  • The fluid ounceis the measurement of volume.
  • The pound is also called pound-mass.
  • Pound sterling is a currency and is entirely different from the pound. Though the pound was based on the weight of 120 Arabic silver dirhams (currency of the United Arab)
  • The weight of one ounce is almost equal to the weight of a slice of bread.

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