Quiz on Pre-Workout and Diet. How Much You Know?

Exercise keeps your body and mind healthy. Considering today’s lifestyle, exercise is no more just a good habit but a necessity. A workout is one of the ways that people generally prefer to do exercise.

But do you realize that the pre-workout is important too? Here are some interesting questions based on daily pre-workout and diet. Play this quiz to find out.



What is the best time to work out for weight loss?


Researchers suggest that although there is no specific right or wrong time to exercise but when you aim to reduce weight than morning time can be the most helpful one. In the morning, the mood is stable, and the body is energetic and so most suitable to workout.

Why caffeine is suggested in a pre-workout meal?


Caffeine is generally suggested in pre-workout meal as it can be a good source for improving performance, reducing fatigue and fat burn. But one should take care of the quantity and should not consume more than a required limit. Otherwise, it can be harmful to the body.

Which among the following can be helpful in promoting muscle growth?


Caffeine helps to improve performance and reduce fatigue. Sodium Bicarbonate helps in reducing acid built and reducing fatigue and apple with peanut butter is used as an energy-boosting snack, so the only left option is Omelet.


Is it necessary to intake a pre-workout meal?


Pre-workout nutrition is important because it provides energy for doing rigorous exercises. Also, it prevents muscle catabolism and increases muscle anabolism.

When should the pre-workout nutrition generally be consumed?


The ideal time to consume the pre-workout meal is 3-4 hours before the actual workout. This gives sufficient time to the body to digest food. Food consumed just before the work out would not be digested properly and hence causing the body to turn lethargic. An hour before work out can be considered but again the food may not be completely digested.

Which among the following is not suggested before a workout?


Though green leafy are healthy and nutritious but if taken before a workout can produce discomfort in the body due to green’s fiber breakdown time. The other three foods listed here are considered to be the right choice before a workout. Banana is an excellent source of natural sugars, carbohydrates, and potassium. A fruit smoothie can be a good source of glucose. Yogurt is smooth in the stomach and can help to maintain blood sugar level during a workout.


What should be the duration of nap before a workout?


One can opt for a small nap of 15 to 30 minutes before the workout. This much sleep is more than enough to energize your body and relax. Sleeping more than this before a workout can make you lazy and you may feel tired.

Are supplements safe to intake for bodybuilding?


Most of the supplements in the market can contain drugs and steroids. Moreover, in the long term, they can be harmful to the body so should be avoided as much as possible. In case you have to take one, then look for the products from a trusted company or brand. It should be authenticated by the third party organization and prescribed by a doctor.

Coffee has been suggested for pre-workout. Is it fine to take it on an empty stomach?


Coffee is a good source of caffeine and also suggested as proper pre-workout nutrition. But taking it on an empty stomach may not be a right decision. It can make you feel jittery and nauseous.

Quiz on Pre-Workout and Diet. How Much You Know?

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