Professional Teeth Whitening Cost – Is It Really Worth Going for It?

Professional teeth whitening cost could go heavy on your pocket. The options regarding whitening vary in price and effectiveness. Laser treatments tend to be the most expensive, yet it is the most effective treatment of all. You can expect to pay around $500 to $1000 for the professional whitening.

Teeth whitening is not permanent it can last from a few months to few years that depends on person to person and the type of the treatment.


The lasting effect of professional teeth whitening depends on your daily habits such as tea, coffee, red wine, alcoholic beverages and fruit juice. Also, the teeth whitening effect won’t last long with smoking and dark staining drinks. (1)

Even after maintaining proper oral hygiene sometimes the teeth appear yellowish. Factors like aging, medications, coffee, tea, and certain food products can contribute to tooth discoloration or yellowing.

Why is professional teeth whitening expensive?

Like any other cosmetic treatment, teeth whitening can be expensive. And if you are looking for some specific results, then you may have to invest in this process.

Dentists usually have a high demand for teeth whitening as they are not just charging for the treatment but also for their skills and experience in cosmetic treatment.

Teeth whitening cost is generally $450-$650 for a single visit which lasts for two-three hours. In a single appointment, you can achieve white teeth that will make you look great and confident.

Teeth whitening service in a dental office is usually done by using a potent bleaching agent.

What makes professional teeth whitening different?

Whitening toothpaste or gels can’t secure intrinsic stains. To get that perfect bright smile, you’ll need to actually change the color of your teeth. You can attain this by using a bleaching agent.

The bleaching agents that are most popular are hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The composition of professional bleaching is what makes it unique from the rest, adding to the professional teeth whitening cost.

Stronger bleaching agents

Professional in-office whitening procedures are mandatorily provided with a higher concentration of bleaching gel, unlike home whitening kits which have a low content of bleaching agent.

Sometimes, the patient, undergoing whitening treatment, may complain about increased tooth sensitivity and irritation in soft tissues due to harsh bleaching agents.

Faster results

The effects of professional teeth whitening can be seen almost instantly after the process. On the other hand, home whitening products may require over a week or two to get effective results.

The bleaching agents used for in-office professional whitening are very strong and that’s why the effect is immediate.

Dental supervision

Everyone who is undergoing teeth whitening treatment is advised to undergo a dental examination to figure out if the type of staining or yellowing can be improved or not.

Also, this is done to ensure if the gums and teeth are healthy enough for the bleaching process or not.

The only drawback of the over the counter products like whitening strips or bleaching trays is that they do not require any dental supervision and can be performed at home.

Several bleaching materials may affect filling material you may already have in your teeth and may result in a color mismatch.

Alternative options

Professional teeth whitening treatment are preferable for those who have good oral health. People having gum diseases are advised to avoid the bleaching treatments.

Chemicals present in the bleaching paste can irritate the gums and increase the tooth sensitivity. Professional whitening may not be the best option if –

  1. You have porcelain Veneering or bonding.
  2. Your need is cleaning or scaling for minor stains. (2)
  3. You can easily remove the surface stains on your teeth by using whitening toothpaste. (3)
  4. Over-the-counter whitening strips and gels can be very affordable and convenient.
  5. Tooth colored fillings can be used for dark intrinsic stains that often develop due to certain medications or trauma.

Is the cost really worth?

If you are ashamed of your yellowed teeth, stains, or discoloration and you are looking for a quick fix, then the professional teeth whitening cost may not be a heavy investment for you.

This cosmetic treatment can whiten your teeth for a strikingly brighter, clean smile and a may lead to a substantial confidence boost.

Some people hesitate to undergo professional whitening due to its cost, but the treatment is well worth the price. Also, there are several teeth whitening products available in the market, whitening strips, gels, etc., but they can hardly give you quick and effective results as any professional teeth whitening would get.

Tooth whitening aftercare

After you are done with your teeth whitening procedure, you need to take care of your oral hygiene for keeping your teeth from any possible discoloration and stains.

Just by following some good dental practices, you can get tremendous results in overall teeth health.

Here are some tips that you can follow to get beautiful white and bright teeth. These tips will help you prevent your teeth from staining again.

  • Brush your teeth properly.
  • Use teeth whitening toothpaste.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking.
  • Use a straw while drinking frizzy drinks or iced tea to avoid direct contact with teeth.
  • Avoid any food that may stain your white teeth.
  • Drink lots of water.

Final words

Advantages of a professional teeth whitening are dentist’s supervision and regular follow-ups. Your dentist will immediately notice if something goes wrong and may change the course of action.


Home-based teeth whitening mostly extend to a week or two and may not necessarily show expected results. While in-office professional teeth whitening shows quick results.

Effective whitening mostly depends on the tooth, not the product. Nicotine stains, for instance, can take up to three months to whiten regardless of the peroxide percentage. And sometimes neighbor teeth in your mouth won’t even achieve the same level of whiteness.

Maintaining good oral health and avoiding foods and drinks that cause staining of teeth can prevent you from ruining your original teeth color and give you a healthy and bright smile.


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