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Public Domain Torrents

How many of you know that you can download free movie torrents legally? Public Domain Torrents is one such website which offers people to download movie torrents freely. All these movies are available in public domain.

Movies in a public domain mean that the copyright does not rest with any individual or corporation anymore. The general public has the full privilege of downloading and watching free movies online.


Movie categories on Public Domain Torrents website

All the movies are categorized into various genres such as Comedy, Drama, horror, Family, Musicals, Animation, Mystery/Suspense, Serials, War, Westerns, etc. There is also a category which will allow you to stream online movies without downloading any torrent file.

People provide feedbacks after they watch or download movies. Feedbacks make your job easier when it comes to filtering out movies by quality, popularity, etc. You need to register on this website for leaving your valuable feedbacks on movies.

Available movie formats on Public Domain Torrents

Most of the movie torrents are in AVI format, encoded in DIVX. If you click on individual movie link, then you can see multiple movie file format options. For instance, “The Stranger” movie had three separate links as Divx 764MB AVI, iPod MP4 255MB and PSP MP4 538MB.

You will require a BitTorrent client for running the torrent file. If some of you have never heard of BitTorrent, then I must tell you that it is a powerful, fast and yet spyware free software to download large files through torrents.

Video or movie quality on Public Domain Torrents

Torrents files are not hosted in a specific location but spread across multiple users downloading various torrent files. So, the quality of any movie or video file varies. I tested several movie torrents and found the video quality as decent DVD movie quality.

Are all movies on Public Domain Torrents copyright free?

Not necessarily! The website does not belong to any prominent organisation in the field of movies streaming services like Crackle, TubiTV, etc. Also, all free movie downloads are in the form of torrents, so you cannot be 100% sure about the legality of the movie.

Check for the copyright information and if you find any violation then report to the website moderator. I do not doubt the intention of this website, which is to provide only legal and public domain movie torrents.

Pay to get all movies in one go.

If you cannot wait for hours or have problems like slow internet speed, etc. then you can order DVDs from this website. The DVD will have movie pre-loaded.

Also, this website gives you an option of getting all Public Domain torrents on a 1TB hard drive at $550. It will have approx. 900+ movie titles. Go through their movie collection, and if you even found half the movie worth your time, then I would suggest you pay $550.

How is the overall collection of movies on Public Domain Torrents website?

I would not say the collection of movies on this website as awesome but still, it is not bad either. With the passage of time, this website has shown the addition of great movies. However, I always advocate for watching movies online rather downloading movies on your hard disk.


There are so many good websites out there such as Yidio, Popcornflix, Crackle, etc. which has a variety of movies to watch legally and without incurring any dollar.

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