Quiz – Quality Sleep Assures a Quality Life. Are You Sleeping Well?

Sleeping is essential for the human body to work efficiently. Your sleeping pattern, hours of sleep and several other related things change with time and age.

Do you know about these effects and several disorders related to sleep?


Play this quiz to gain some interesting knowledge about this integral part of healthy living.


1. What from the following can be the reason for which adults need less sleep as they grow older?


Although in comparison to infants or children adults need less sleep, our question focuses only on adults who are aging and not on other age groups. There is nothing as such that with aging less sleep is needed by the body. As adults grow, due to lifestyle, stress, and age the ability of a deep sleep decreases and hence sleep is easily disturbed making it fragile. Poor sleep is not a normal part of aging. If one maintains a healthy lifestyle one can avoid poor sleep.

2. Dream assists in which of the following?


Are you surprised to know that a dream could do so much! Hard to believe but that’s true! Dreams are not just a byproduct of your sleep. They are much more than that. Dreams are important and can help you out to find your solution to your problems. Do you know how did Larry Page get the Idea of “GOOGLE” in his dreams! So keep dreaming!

3. How many hours a day does a person generally dream in a sleep cycle of 7-9 hours?


On average, a person dreams for around 2 hours when they sleep for 7 to 9 hours. 1 hour seems too less.


4. Which of the following have more chances of having nightmares or bad dreams?


You might find the answer confusing. After all, cause of a nightmare is generally stress and anxiety which could be found more in adults in comparison to the children. But one needs to understand that as a child, due to lack of knowledge, reality and experience, they have lot of fears as they are still in their learning stage.

5. Somnambulism, more commonly known to be Sleep Walking, is caused due to


Researchers state that hereditary can be one of the reasons for Sleep Walking. Besides, there are several reasons as well which cause this sleep disorder. Sometimes when we do a lot of work and are completely exhausted, or suffering from any illness, we can exhibit this disorder.

6. Sleep apnea is a disorder when one’s breathing is interrupted during sleep. Which among the following is sign of sleep apnea?


There are some common symptoms that can help a person to identify sleep apnea like waking up with a dry throat in the morning, morning headaches, loud snoring, sleepiness and so on. But since these symptoms are very common, people are not able to notice them quickly and that is why sometimes sleep apnea is not diagnosed in early stages.


7. Insomnia is a sleep disorder which is characterized by having a problem in falling or staying asleep. Do you know which of the following can treat it?


Insomnia can be treated by pharmaceutical as well as non-pharmaceutical means. If the insomnia is in its initial state then non-pharmaceutical methods of treatment can help to a large extent. Otherwise, there are medications available which can help to treat this sleep order. Meditation is one of the best methods to treat insomnia without the use of drugs. Meditation helps to relieve stress and relaxes the mind.

8. Insomnia is more common in which trimesters of pregnancy?


Insomnia is common during pregnancy but is more in the 1st and 3rd trimester. You should rely on non-medicinal treatment like practicing meditation to deal with insomnia

9. How many hours of sleep does a newborn need?


In all the age groups, an infant needs the most sleep. They can sleep 16-20 hours a day in stretches of 3-4 hour. Don’t feel envy if you cannot sleep well. The adults need a sleep of 7 to 9 hours and the preschoolers need a sleep 10 to 12 hours.


10. Nightmares are unpleasant dreams. How can one avoid nightmares?


Nightmares in adults are often spontaneous. You may find it a bit surprising but nightmares are sometimes caused due to late night eating habits. Late night snacks can increase metabolism and gives a signal to the brain to be active. Occasional eating at night may not cause you nightmares but making it a habit can be harmful. Also, it can lead to other sleep disorders.

Quality Sleep Assures a Quality Life. Are You Sleeping Well?

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