Quiz – Are You Ready to Lose Weight?

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Obesity is a common problem these days and it is a root cause of many diseases. But do you know if your weight is appropriate? What do you do to stay fit and ensure weight loss?

Here are some general but knowledgeable questions based on weight loss. Why not you play a quiz to know more about it?



1. Which among the following can be counted as a health risk due to obesity?


Did you ever gave a thought that Obesity can invite such life-threatening problems? Uhh! Well, it can. Risk of sleep apnea increases with an increase in weight. Overweight people have almost twice the probability of developing a Type 2 diabetes as in comparison to people who are not obese. Moreover, being overweight, one is at increased risk of cancer as well. True though frightening.

2. Which among the following BMI range signifies that a person is obese?


Quite a simple question. Isn’t it? Well, still in case if you are unfamiliar with BMI ranges we can hint you a little about them. BMI in the range of 25 and 30 indicates the category of overweight people. Any number of less than 18.5 indicates under-weight. For healthy people, BMI lies between 18.5 to 25. But be cautious even if you are healthy and have a perfect BMI.

3. How many BMI range subcategories are there for obesity?


Did you know that BMI range is further divided into subcategories? They are known to be three class of obesity. Class 1 is a BMI of 30 to < 35. Class 2 is a BMI of 35 to < 40. Class 3 is a BMI of 40 or higher. Class 3 obesity is sometimes categorized as “extreme” or “severe” obesity.


4. On what parameters is BMI calculated?


The BMI or Body Mass Index can be calculated using the Height and Weight of a person. The metric formula to calculate it is weight(Kg) / (height(m^2)))^2.

5. Side effects of taking a weight loss medicine can be


Above are a few of the side effects of taking medication for weight loss. You should always consult a doctor before taking one. But it is always advisable to control your diet, exercise and adopt other natural methods to reduce weight. Also, though rarely but these medications can cause serious health problems.

6. Weight loss medications should always be avoided. But do you know when you might be advised to take one? Choose the most appropriate one.


Even if you are overweight it is not necessary that you should take medicine. Medicines should be avoided as much as possible. A proper diet and exercise can reduce weight. But even after exercising a lot, if you are not able to lose weight or you are obese to a large extent, then you should opt for medicine along with exercise and diet.


7. Which breathing technique(Pranayam) among the following is beneficial for weight loss?


Kapal Bhati Pranayam is one of the most effective techniques for weight loss especially for reducing belly fat.

8. Which among the following is one of the most suitable yoga asana for weight loss?


Surya Namaskar is s combination of many yoga asanas. It has 12 poses in total. Other than weight loss Surya Namaskar has a lot many other benefits like it strengthens the immune system, maintain cardiovascular health, helps in stretching, toning, and flexing of muscles.

9. Which oil among the following can be a good choice for preventing weight gain?


Grapeseed oil can increase weight rather than reducing it. The other two oils namely canola and olive oil are considered as a good option for weight loss. Extra Virgin Olive is a preferred choice for this purpose. Canola oil has a small amount of essential omega-3 fats which makes it suitable for weight loss.


10. Why drinking more water is suggested for weight loss?


Water is quite helpful for weight loss. It reduces your appetite and so you are less likely to consume more food if sufficient water is consumed regularly. Water also improves mood and brain functioning. It is a healthy option for the treatment of mild headaches as well. Interestingly, drinking water, especially cold, does also help in burning calories because the body has to expend energy to warm it. But remember, just drinking water may not be enough to reduce weight.

Are You Ready to Lose Weight? Play This Quiz to Find it Out.

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