Redbox Play Pass Program

You must have heard that you can rent free movies with the help of Redbox promo codes. But there is an additional way of getting free rentals, which is also known as Redbox Play Pass. Redbox Play Pass is a program where you earn 10 points for every rental.

The best part is that you earn ten rewards point when you either pay or use Redbox free promotional codes for movie rentals. Once you reach 100 points, you will receive a credit to rent another movie for one night entirely at no cost.

In a way, if you have used 10 Redbox promo codes then your 11th movie rental will be free. Let us find out other details around Redbox Play Pass program.

How to enrol in Redbox Play Pass program?

You must enrol in Redbox Play Pass program even if you have an account on Redbox. Visit Redbox Play Pass portal and look for “Get My Pass” option. Click it and start the sign-up procedure. If you are a first timer, then you have to create a fresh account with Redbox.

Once you are done with the sign-up process, click “Continue” and move further. The last step is to click “Start Earning”, and you will be successfully enrolled in Play Pass program of Redbox.

The best part of this whole process is that you will get a free one day redbox rental just by registering for this program.

More ways to get Redbox Play Pass credit and other exclusive rewards

You will receive Play Pass credit on your birthday and your Redbox Play Pass anniversary. Therefore, it is advisable to enter your birth date in your account profile on Redbox.

Redbox Play Pass program may send you exclusive and surprising rewards in the form of points or extra credits.

What is the difference between Redbox Play Pass points and credits?

You earn Play Pass points when you rent any movie or game on Redbox. These points expire in 1 year after you receive them. On the other side, you get Play Pass credit for every 100 points in your Redbox account. Play Pass credit expires in 60 days after they are earned.

How to check you Play Pass balance?

You can quickly check your Play Pass points on your Redbox account page. You may have to scroll down for knowing your complete credit balance.

Some more things to keep in mind about Redbox Play Pass Program

  • Sometimes you can even get 20 points in credit for one rental. This happens when Redbox run special deals.
  • Redbox Play Pass credit is even applicable to rent any video game.
  • You can redeem Play Pass credit to rent free Blu-ray discs.

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